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Do Termites Fly and How Destructive They Are for Home?

Do Termites Fly?

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Often people ask do termites fly, the simple answer is yes but not all termites fly, only reproductive termites fly for just a few time periods. Flying termites are actually the reproductive termites also known as termite swarm and alates.

Female and male swarms mate and reproduce termites and build colonies in the house. Therefore, flying termites are very destructive to your house.

Do Termites Fly

A male and female termite finds a nest in a house and mates to start building their colonies and become queen and king. Initially, they protect their eggs on their own but later when the termite larvae grow, some of them become soldiers and some of them become worker termites.

After the king and queen build colonies, the worker termite takes care of termite babies and feeds them your house wood and soldiers termite protect them. This process will keep going and damage your house until you get rid of them.

Facts about Flying Termites:

  • What Do Flying Termites Look Like?

Flying termites are usually brownish and white in color. They are a quarter of an inch in the size or sometimes a little bigger than a quarter of an inch. They have equal wings. With the naked eye, they look like flying ants. So, the answer to the question “do termites fly” is yes but not all of them and they look like the below image.

What Do Flying Termites Look Like?

Termites have four wings that are the same size. It is extremely common to find discarded or broken wings around your home or an area where a termite swarm occurs because they do not fly, only a few of them fly.

Termites normally do not bite humans but yes, soldier’s termites can bite while protecting the termite larvae or termite eggs. Moreover, there is no need to worry; termites are not deadly even if they bite they will not transfer any kind of diseases or venom in your body.

  • How Far Do Termites Fly?

Termites can fly only a few yards. They are not a good flyer like any other flying pest. Also, they are not known because of their flying skills, they are mostly known as the destruction skills and they are very good at that.

  • What Is Good for Flying Termites?

Flying termites like non-ventilated places and like moisture that can spread because of a leaking pipe or any leakage in the sealing. Therefore, always clean your home, repair leaking points. And ensure proper ventilation in the house to avoid termites.

  • Do Termites Fly at Night?

It depends on the type of species of termite. Most subterranean termites swarm fly during the day, whereas Formosan termites swarm fly at night.

  • Do Termites Fly in The Fall?

It depends on the species of termites, dry wood termites, and some species of subterranean termites fly in the months of fall.

  • How Fast Do Termites Fly?

A termite cannot fly too fast. If we compare flying termites to any other flying pest, the termite will lose. If we compare the ant fly speed with the termite fly speed, the ant’s speed is much faster.

  • Do All Termites Fly?

Not all termites fly. Also, it depends on the age cycle of termites. You might often see termites’ broken wings in your house as their droop. It is because they do not fly and their wings break. Also, if you have seen termite wings in your house then it can be a sign of termites in the house. Furthermore, you can go through flying termite pictures to see if you have seen termites in your house.

Do All Termites Fly

  • Do All Termites Have Wings?

Most of the time, you might see termites without wings because their wing breaks and falls. Only a few termites keep their wings for a long time.

  • Do Termites Fly Around the House?

Yes, sometimes termites fly around the house and look for a place to enter or exit. This is one of the reasons people find dead termites or drooping near windows and doors.

  • Flying Termites Attracted to Light?

Yes, flying termites are attracted to lights. Most of the time, people experience watching termites near to lights.

  • Do Termites Fly During the Day?

There are different species of termites and they have different natures, but the majority of them like to fly during the day.

  • Do Termites Come Out at Night?

Only a few species of termites like to come out at night time. But because termites like lights so they come out at night as well because of light.

  • Do Termites Fly in The House?

Yes, termites fly in the house mostly in the daytime or at nighttime near to the light.

  • What Time of Year Do Termites Fly?

Termites mostly fly in the fall months of the year. Make sure, there are different species of termite some like to fly at other times of the year as well.

  • If Termites Fly, What Can They Do?

Swarms find nests with their mate and build colonies. The flying of termites does not damage the house but if once they start building their colonies, then they will damage the house badly.

How To Get Rid Of Flying Termites?

There are different procedures you can adopt to kill flying termites and get rid of them. The best one is to contact any near pest control and ask them to do the inspection and help to get rid of termites. If your house does not have any severe termite infestation then you can try termite killer or apply any DIY solution to kill flying termites in your house. Soap mixture or orange oil mixture are the two easy but effective homemade termite killers that can help you to get rid of termites.

Do Termites Fly

People Also Asks:

  1. Are Flying Termites Bad?

Flying termites are a sign of serious trouble because they are actually reproductive termites. They are also known as swarms. Reproductive termites mate and grow colonies. Therefore, they are very damaging to your house.

  1. How Do You Get Rid of Flying Termites?

You can get rid of flying termites just like all other termites. Moreover, it is important to kill the flying termites in the extermination process, because they can mate and grow colonies again if they are left behind. Now there are different ways to get rid of termites. You can use termite killer products or apply DIY solutions such as orange oil spray or borax powder. Also, you can call pest control and they will help you to get rid of termites.

  1. What Do Termites Look Like and Do They Fly?

Termites usually are white and light brown in color. The size of termites depends on the termite age mostly they are a quarter of an inch. They have equal wings but most of the termites do not fly only swarmers or reproductive termites fly.

  1. Why Do Flying Termites Mean Serious Trouble?

Flying termites are the reproductive termites that grow colonies in your house and damage your house. Therefore, flying termites mean serious trouble. They are also known as termite swarms. Make sure, in the extermination process you just need to kill flying termites. Otherwise, they will start growing the colonies after the treatment.

  1. How Long Do Flying Termites Last?

Normally, soldiers and worker termites live up to 3 years but flying or reproductive termite can live over a decade. They also can see a little bit and on the other side holder and worker termites are usually blind.

  1. What Causes Flying Termites in Your House?

Since termites are the most destructive pest, flying termites are responsible for increasing the number of termites in the house. Termites use wood as their food and damage all kinds of wooden stuff in your house. Some kinds of termites can eat pounds of wood in a day.

  1. What Spray Kills Flying Termites?

There are different sprays available in the market such as Taurus SC, Bifen XTS, Terro, etc. Also, you can make your own termite killer spray using household products such as washing powder and orange oil. The mixture of washing powder or orange oil in the water makes a termite killer spray.

You can also use tide soap to make a termite killer in your home.


I hope that you have gotten an answer about do termites fly and how destructive they can be to your home. Furthermore, if you have seen termites in your house then you must apply any extermination method so you can get rid of flying termites on time before they give any damage to your house. Also, if the infestation of termites is a lot in your house then termite spray or any DIY solution will not be enough. Because we have to understand do termites fly? and which are fly and which aren’t.

Therefore, if you have a severe infestation of termites in your house, call pest control and let them help you to have a termite-free home. Also, share our articles with others so they can save their houses from termites. Write us back if you have any other questions related to termites. We will be happy to help you and save you from the destruction of your house.

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