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Termites with Wings -15 Hidden Facts About Winged Termites

Termite with wings

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Termites with wings are the swarmers who mate and start the reproduction of termites. Moreover, termite breaks down their wings after they find their mate.

Also, winged termites are the queen or king of the colony. They only do the reproduction, workers and soldiers do the rest of the work.

Termites with Wings

Termite swarmers are more destructive than other termites because they are responsible for building colonies of termites in the house. Therefore, you must get rid of them and save your home from severe destruction until they build colonies and give severe infestation to your home.

 Facts About Termites with Wings:

  1. Do termites bite?

Termite soldiers can bite to protect the termite larvae. They are not deadly also, even if they bite they do not transfer any diseases to humans.

  1. Do termites have wings in Australia?

Few reproductive termites have wings and can fly out from the nest and start building their own colonies. It is an amazing fact about Termites with Wings in Australia.

  1. What do termites look like?

Normally, it is difficult to see and locate the termites because they are very tiny in the size but swarmers or flying termites are most visible to the eyes. They look like flying ants. They have two antennas and four equal wings.

  1. Where do flying termites come from?

Termites with wings come from the termite nest. Only a few termites get to fly because of their wings. They fly to start their only colony.

  1. Flying termites in the house?

Flying termites is a sign that you have a termite colony in your house or you might have one in near future. Whenever you see a flying termite, call pest control and let them examine it. Or you can examine on your own with their drooping, mud wall, wings drooping, etc.

  1. How many sets of wings do termites have?

Termites have four equal wings, two on the left side and two on the right side. The color of the wing is whitish and brownish.

  1. Do termites in Florida have short wings like flies?

No, but some termites look different. There are some termites we have seen in the termite photos as well where termites have two equal wings one on the left side one on the right side. So you might have seen a termite with two wings or any other pest. In Florida, this is an important truth about them.

  1. Do subterranean termites have wings?

Subterranean termites have wings. There are few other differences between subterranean termites and dry-wood termites. Subterranean termite makes their nest on the ground whereas dry wood termite makes their nest in woods.

  1. Do all termites have wings?

Do all termites have wings

No, only reproductive termites get wings. They are the termite swarmers that grow termite colonies. They are the reproductive of termites that have wings and only fly until they find their mate. This is the hidden truth about termites with wings.

  1. Why do termites have wings?

In a nest when a termite gets wings it can fly and find the mate and start its own termite colony. Therefore, some termites get wings so they can fly to find mates and nest in another place.

  1. Do ants have wings or are they termites?

Ant and termite both have wings but their shape is different. They both have four wings. Termite wings are equal whereas ant wings are two small and two larges.

  1. Do termites always have wings?

Termites will not always get wings. Only reproductive ones get wings because they can fly and start their own colony.

  1. Do termite wings mean I have termites?

If you find termites dropping in the house then there are chances that you have termites in your house read termite inspection tips so you get to know termites. Also know about Termite Fumigation and its cost.

  1. Do worker and soldier termites have wings?

Only reproductive termites get wings, no soldier or worker gets wings. Once they get wings they fly, find mates and start reproducing their own colony and become queen and king of a new colony. If you want to know more about termites with wings as well as about termite eggs, their larvae, and extermination. Explore our Categories.

  1. Do termites have 2 wings or 4?

Usually, termites have four wings. But it is also seen in termites that they have two wings as well. But most of the time termites have 4 equal wings. These are the hidden truths about them.

People Also Asks:

  • How do you get rid of flying termites?

Termites with Wings -15 Hidden Facts About Termites

There are different treatments for flying termites. Borax powder, Termidor, or any homemade termites killer can kill flying termites. According to research, boric acid is effective to kill termites and it is also included in washing detergent powders. You can use washing powder as a homemade termite killer. If you don’t want to see termites in your house then make sure you have proper ventilation in the house, no moisture, or firewood, proper rain drainage, etc. these are the things that attract termites.

  • What does it mean when you see flying termites?

Flying termites are the swarmers termite that will soon mate and start producing a colony of termites that can destroy your house. Therefore, whenever you see a flying termite do an inspection and kill them on the spot so you do not get a severe infestation of termites in your house.

  • What causes flying termites in your house?

Flying termites can mate and build colonies of termites in your house and they can eat ponds of wood just in a few weeks. US citizens spend billions of dollars to cover the termite damage in their homes. They can cause severe damage. Thus, if you have them, plan for the treatment as soon as possible and take precautions so you don’t get termites again in-house.

  • Do winged termites eat wood?

Winged termites are the swarmers they mate and grow their colonies then their termite larvae use wood as their food. Yes, almost all termites consume wood. But it is not only about winged termites when they mate and build their colonies then uncountable termites start to consume wood and that can severely damage.

Termites with Wings

  • Why do flying termites mean serious trouble?

Flying termites mean serious trouble because they are the swarmers and they can mate and build termite colonies in your house. They are actually responsible for the reproduction of termites that’s why they are very destructive and mean serious trouble.

  • How long do flying termites last?

Male and female flying termites can fly until they find their mate. After, they break their wings and start to reproduce termites. A queen termite can live 20 to 25 years. Termite swarmers’ main responsibility is to reproduce termites. Other workers and soldier termites do the rest of the work.

  • Should I be worried about flying termites?

Yes, a flying termite is a sign that you might have a termite colony in your house soon. Therefore, do DIY solutions or call pest control and get rid of termites as soon as possible.

  • Can you live in a house with termites?

Yes, you can live in a house with termites. They are not deadly to human beings. But yes, they are destructive to your house. So instead of living with termites, plan to get rid of them. Moreover, termites are not deadly.

  • What attracts termites to a house?

A house with moisture, on proper ventilation, attracts the most. Remember termites are one of the hardest pests to get rid of. Therefore, once you get them and get rid of them clean your house, make sure there are no places which are closed for a long time like cabinets, garage, storeroom, basement, etc. clean and proper ventilated environment in your house is good for the hummus but bad for the termites.

  • What percentage of homes have termites?

Eighty percent of homeowners in America last year find complaining about termites. It is now a very common issue from the last decade and it is increasing with time. Termites are actually a hard pest to get rid of because they come back again after the treatment but if you follow the instructions of the pest control company after the treatment your house can be safe from termites. Termites with wings can reach your home easily, so you must do some precautions to avoid them.

Termites with Wings


Termites with wings are the swarmers and they can mate and start building colonies in your house. They are the most destructive pest and they are also hard to get rid of. If you find termites, call pest control and let them do the treatment so they can help you to have a termite-free home. Moreover, if you are not interested in calling pest control then at least use DIY solutions.

Hope this article helps you to find what you’re looking for if you have any special condition related to termites in your house then write us back and we will try to find a solution for you. Also, if you have not started inspection in your house for termites then call any nearby pest control who can offer you a free termite examination. Many pest control companies provide free examinations.

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