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Termiticide: Top 10 Most Effective Termiticides To Get Rid of Termites

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Termiticide meaning? The products registered to use for preventing and killing termites are known as termiticides. There are several products in the market such as taurax sc, termidol, fuse, Bifen XTS, Spectracide Terminate, Martin’s IGR Concentrate, Termidor Foam, etc.

As there are different termiticides in the market their active ingredients are different as well. There are different termiticide chemicals used in termite killer products such as Fipronil, hexaflumuron, Novaluron, and diflubenzuron, etc.

Top 10 Termiticide

It is confusing when there are several products. Also, it will be hard to choose the best termiticide among many. We have found 10 top-ranked, tested, and positive review products for you so you can choose the best one.

Top 10 Termiticide:

  1. Premise Termiticide:

Premise termiticide contains active ingredients of Imidacloprid that are the most widely used chemical to kill termites. You can buy a premise 8 oz bottle for $75 approximately. Mix your 8 oz bottle in 100 liters of water; if you have a 4 oz bottle then you can mix it in 45 or 50-liter gallons. Now dig or drill holes in walls, or surfaces and inject the mixture inside. Soon termites will stop eating once they are exposed to the premise and eventually die. The premise is a good termiticide for trees as well.

Premise Termiticide

  1. Termidor Termiticide:

The active ingredient in Termidor is fipronil. Mix termiticide fipronil 5 ml in one liter of water and your termite killer is ready. The price of Termidor sc termiticide 20 oz. by Termidor is approximately $70. You can buy termiticide online or at any near hardware store. Furthermore, the Termidor is non-toxic but it can be harmful to humans if anyone inhales or ingest it.

  1. Taurus Sc Termiticide:

Tauras also contains fipronil as its active ingredient. The price of Taurus fipronil termiticide is almost $60 for a 20 oz bottle. Taurus is very effective not only for termites but for other pests as well such as spiders, ants, bugs, house crickets, millipedes, and centipedes. Taurox will take three months for its better results. Tauras sc is a non-repellent termiticide. Also, it is non-toxic until you use it as per instruction. Moreover, it can be harmful if anyone tastes it or inhales it.

  1. Phantom Termiticide:

The active ingredient of the phantom is Chlorfenapyr. It is good to kill not only termites but other pests as well such as ants, cockroaches, bugs, etc. it is non-toxic and can be used indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, keep children and pets out after spray indoors for at least 30 minutes so it can dry.  Phantom comes in a liquid form. A 21 oz bottle of phantom termiticide insecticide is available for almost $80.


  1. Fuse Termiticide:

A fuse contains two active ingredients imidacloprid and fipronil. Approximately,  A 27.5 oz bottle of fuse termiticide & insecticide costs $100. Fuse is a very common termiticide and insecticide use while constructing a new structure. Fuse can kill ants, bugs, and other pests. Basically, it is only an outdoor product, but you can use it indoors in specific areas but do not let children or pets come near to its specialty when it is in liquid not dry. Furthermore, any termiticide or insecticide can be dangerous if you eat or inhale.

  1. Altriset Termiticide:

Active ingredient in altriset is Chlorantraniliprole. Approximately, a 34 oz bottle of altriset is available at $75 to $80.  The Altriset is a very effective termiticide treatment. It is non-toxic for humans, pets, or other insects, and has a long-term effect. It prevents further termite damage as well.

  1. Dominion Termiticide:

Dominion 2l termiticide concentrate is a very effective material for all types of termites and carpenter ants. 27 oz bottle of dominion available in the market for just $25. Furthermore, the fuse is comparatively cheaper than other termiticides and insecticides. Also, it is non-repellent so termites cannot detect it and die gradually.

Dominion Termiticide

  1. Dragnet Termiticide:

Dragnet contains Permethrin, you can buy a 32 oz bottle of it for just $50. It is even any termiticide must not leave open because it can be dangerous if inhaled or eaten. So always be careful if you are using it on your own.

  1. Bifen I/T Insecticide/Termiticide:

Bifenthrin is known to kill almost all types of pests. It is also used as an agricultural insecticide.  4 oz bottle of bifen is available in the market for just $14. To make a mixture, mix 1 oz in a gallon of water and use it to treat termites.

  1. Permethrin Sfr Insecticide Termiticide:

Permethrin is very effective against subterranean termites. It is also used to kill other insects as well. Nix is the most famous brand that uses permethrin. Also, Rid, Elimite uses permethrin as their active ingredient.

Permethrin Sfr Insecticide Termiticide

These were the most used termiticide and insecticide in the market with positive reviews by the general public and professionals. Also, if you are not interested in buying and using any of them, you can make your own termiticide or insecticide using household products such as tide soap and orange oil. Boric acid is a very effective termite killer which is often used in detergents. You can use detergent as well to make your own homemade termiticide.

People Also Asks:

  • What is the best termiticide?

Borate is one of the best termiticides. Borate wood treatment is very common and it works really well. It soaks into the wood and kills termites whenever they come in contact; it also prevents termites. There are other good termiticides as well such as Taurus SC, Bifen XTS, Spectracide Terminate, Termidor Foam, and BioAdvanced Termite Killer.

  • What is a termiticide?

The term termiticide means a pesticide that is registered to prevent and destroy termites. There are different termiticides such as borax powder, Taurus SC, Bifen XTS, Spectracide Terminate, Martin’s IGR Concentrate, Termidor Foam, and BioAdvanced Termite Killer.

  • What chemical kills termites?

There are lists of different chemicals that kill termites such as Fipronil, hexaflumuron, Novaluron, and diflubenzuron. Different termiticides use different chemicals in their ingredients to make a termite killer.

  1. Sentricon Active Ingredient: Hexaflumuron
  2. Termidor Active Ingredient:  Fipronil
  3. Trelona’s Active Ingredient: Novaluron
  • Is Termidor harmful to humans?

The Termidor is safe for humans after it dries. Termidor used in the soil or foundation. Also, it can be used indoors but it must be injected below the walls and floors. Furthermore, do not try to spray it on cabinets and upon the surface, and let the professional and authorized person do the Termidor treatment for you to have better results. Normally it is non-toxic on the skin but it can be harmful if you inhale or ingest it.

  • What kills termites instantly?

Boric acid can kill termites instantly as it dehydrates the termite and shut down its nervous system. Also, fipronil is another chemical used in many termite-killing products, It is also used in Termidor as well. it instantly kills termites when it comes in contact with it.

  • Can termites eat concrete?

No, termites can not eat concrete because they can not digest or chew concrete. Termites only consume wood but yes, they can go inside of a concrete foundation and consume wood nearby.

  • What bugs does Termidor kill?

Termidor can kill almost all types of pests such as beetles Asian lady, darkling beetle, box-elder, pillbugs, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, flies, cluster spiders, black widow, brown recluse, cellar, hobo, etc. the Termidor active ingredient is fipronil. The fipronil is known to kill pests whenever they come in contact with it.

  • Why can’t Termidor be used indoors?

According to the label, manufacturers do not recommend using a Termidor inside the house. There are several reasons for that. First, it is used under the surface if you want to use it indoors make sure you use it down in the foundation of the house or deep in the walls. Second, Termidor can be dangerous to humans in liquid form. Third, the Termidor normally is nontoxic to the human body but it can be harmful to humans if someone inhales or ingest it. Therefore, it is good to use Termidor outdoors.

  • Which is the better Termidor or Premise?

In tests and public reviews, the premise is a little better and cheaper as well. Otherwise. They both used to make a protective boundary around the structure to kill termites. Premises last longer than Termidor. The premise active ingredient is Imidacloprid and on the other hand, Termidor active ingredient is fipronil. The chemical compound ‘‘Imidacloprid’’ is a known and successful pest killer.

  • Can I spray for termites myself?

Yes, you can spray termites on your own. Even you can make your own termite killer spray. Some household products such as orange oil or tide soap are well-known termite killers as well, just mix them in water and spray them on the termite’s area. Make sure, do not to spray some products that are toxic to humans. Always read the label and instructions on the product before use.

What is the best termiticide


It is hard to get the best termiticide when you have so many options in the market. We have provided you with the top 10 list that has positive reviews and tested at different times. Don’t forget to give us your opinion and review. If you use any of these, write to us about your experience so we can improve our research and study on termites.

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