Top 3 Advantages of Sentricon Bait Station [Hidden Review]

Top 3 Advantages of Sentricon Bait Station [Hidden Review]

The Sentricon bait station is a reliable extermination process for termites. If we talk about pests, termites are one of the most destructive pests. Termites cause billions of dollars of damage only in the USA. A sentricon bait system is one of the best ways to get rid of termites and control the termite’s damage.

There are many procedures introduced in the market to exterminate termites, sentricon bait station is one of them. There are positive sentricon reviews as it is an effective treatment for termites. Unlike other procedures, It is known to prevent termites but it can kill termites as well.

Sentricon Bait Station

There are some complaints as well. Most people don’t know how Sentricon works. Actually, it does not kill termites like other termite killers such as Termidor. It decreases the eating capacity of termites and eventually termites die three months after installation.

Advantage of Sentricon:

There are several benefits of it, we are going to discuss the 3 most known advantages. Moreover, there are several ways to exterminate and prevent termites; all the extermination processes have their own pros and cons. Remember, any baiting system for pests does not rapidly kill all the pests. Sentricon termite bait station will kill termites but it will take time. Also, it must be monitored by a professional otherwise it will not work effectively.

  1. Sentricon is long-term termite prevention:

Sentricon termite bait stations prevent termites until they remain installed. Approximately, a bait station of it can last for almost 7 years. Furthermore, it will need monitoring and refilling if needed. All the companies that provide sentricon bait service also provide monitoring and refilling service as well.

  1. Sentricon safe the structure from termite destruction:

You can imagine how safe and effective the bait system is, as it is installed around the white house as well. We all are well known for the destruction of termites and it is one of the hardest pests to get rid of. Therefore, only killing termites is not the solution, you must do the prevention as well. In that condition, It is one of the best solutions because it can kill termites and prevent termites as well.

  1. It Kills Termites:

Although sentricon is known for preventing termites, yes it can kill termites as well. Unlike other termite killers, it takes time to kill the termite. It affects the eating capacity of termites so they die gradually. If you are the one who wants to get rid of termites immediately then you need to do the tenting for termites which will kill termites maximum of three days and after you can install bait stations so you can prevent termites.

Advantages of Sentricon Bait Station

Sentricon Cost:

The cost of a Sentricon system depends on the size of the structure, as well as the number of bait stations and refills. The average cost of it is between $1000 and $4000. In addition, there is a monitoring and filling charge of up to $400. After installation, the installation company provides monitoring and refilling services so you don’t need to worry about where to buy sentricon bait station refills and other stuff.

Is sentricon worth it? Well, the sentricon system is definitely worth it. But remember, it must be monitored on time and refilled as well if needed. Otherwise, it will not work and you will have unwanted guests in your house in the shape of termites.

Sentricon Comparison with Other Termite Treatments:

Sentricon Bait Station Review

Termidor Vs Sentricon:

Termidor kills termite when a termite comes in contact with it. It is faster in killing termites as compared to sentricon. But sentricon also prevents termites from coming again into the structure.

  • Sentricon active ingredient: hexaflumuron
  • Termidor active ingredient:  fipronil

Trelona Vs Sentricon:

Trelona’s active ingredient is Novaluron, which works almost the same as hexaflumuron. It prevents termites and slowly kills them just like it.

Advance Termite Bait System Vs Sentricon:

The active ingredient in advanced termite bait systems is diflubenzuron which also works as a hexaflumuron. it inhibits and molts termites.

Do Not Install Sentricon Bait Own Your Own:

It is always best to hire a professional to install, monitor, or refill it. Make sure that it is properly installed, monitored, and refilled.

Secondly, It is for sale only to certified people. Installing bait takes some professional skills. Thus, let a professional install a bait system around your house. If you want to become a professional search for a sentricon university and register yourself to have training.

People Also Asks:

  • How much does sentricon cost?

An initial installation of a Sentricon baiting system costs approximately $1000 to $4000, while yearly monitoring costs approximately $300. Also, the company will refill the bait station if it is necessary. Additionally, the cost of bait stations depends on the area of the structure. Therefore, a smaller area costs less and a bigger area may cost more. The pest control company charges according to the square footage and number of bait stations.

  • Does sentricon really work?

It kills termites, but it takes time. Other extermination procedures can kill termites in 2 to 3 days, such as termite tenting fumigation. Moreover, sentricon bait systems install near the boundaries of the structure that stop incoming termites. It also loses the termite’s ability to eat which kills termites eventually. Overall, It works and it is an effective termite treatment.

  • Can I buy sentricon bait stations?

No, you can not buy it. It is manufactured by Dow AgroScience and they only sell it to certified professionals and companies. To install It, you need to contact pest control companies. They might charge a little more, but they will take care of refilling and monitoring.

  • What is a better sentricon than Termidor?

Sentricon is an effective termite exterminator. Although it is slow as compared to Termidor but it works and protects the structure until it remains installed. On the other hand, Termidor is a faster exterminator for termites but it only kills those termites that come in contact with it. Furthermore, both treatments are effective but it depends on what kind of infestation you have in your house.

  • How often should Sentricon stations be replaced?

Usually, sentricon stations last for 5 to 7 years but they will be replaced shortly if it is needed after inspection. Pest companies do the inspection once or twice a year. Also, when the professionals do the inspection they refill the station as well. They are only replaced when it is needed.

  • Is sentricon safe?

Sentricon is specifically for termites. It will not affect any human, plant, or animal. Furthermore, it might not work for other insects as well, it is specifically for termites only. Although it is safe, companies sell it to only professional and certified persons.

  • How long does sentricon take to kill termites?

For sentricon to work effectively, you have to wait at least three months.  It weakens termites in the first month and it kills termites within 3 months eventually. Also, it stops incoming termites as well. Therefore, if you install it, your structure will be safe for a long time until the station remains installed. It does not directly kill termites such as Termidor. It weakens the eating capacity of termites and eventually, termites end up dying in the structure.

  • What type of termite treatment is best?

It depends on the type of infestations you have in your structure to tell what is the best treatment. There are different treatments for termites infestation like tenting fumigation, bait stations, liquid Termidor, borate wood treatment, etc. Furthermore, the Sentricon bait station is an effective treatment and it keeps termites away for a long time. even if you have a minor infection of termites in your house then a DIY treatment might do the work for you.

  • Are termite bait stations worth it?

Yes, a termite bait station worth it.  In our suggestion, be in termite bond with a company so you can have satisfaction. Furthermore, bait stations will work effectively if they are properly monitored. Otherwise, it will be a false satisfaction for the structure owner that they are safe. If you are in the termite bond with the company then the company will be responsible for everything even if anything is damaged because of termites the company will be responsible.

  • Does sentricon kill termites?

Sentricon does kill termites but it works differently than other termite killers. It decreases the eating capacity of termites and termites eventually die. Also, it stops incoming termites.

Sentricon Bait Station Termite Killer


Termite bait stations prevent and kill termites in a very effective manner. Furthermore, you must hire a professional to install the bait station for you. Otherwise, it will be a false satisfaction for you if it doesn’t work. Moreover, there are other DIY ways to get rid of termites. If you want to do the treatment on your own you can try any of them but for bait stations hire professional service.

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