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7 Confirm Symptoms of Baby Termite’s Presence in House

Baby Termites

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Nobody likes baby termites in their houses because of their destruction. Moreover, sometimes it is hard to identify them. Most of the time, termites do the destruction in the house, and then the house owner identifies termites. Now to save your house from destruction, we have confirmed symptoms to identify whether you have termite babies or not.

When a male and female reproductive termite mate, a female termite known as a queen termite lays eggs. These eggs hatch in two weeks, and baby termites are ready to do the destruction. Baby termites are also known as termite larvae.

Baby Termites in Your House

There are usually three types of termites in a colony: worker termites, soldier termites, and reproductive termites. Soldier termite protects termite colonies, and worker termites help grow termite colonies and feed termite babies. When termite babies grow, they become soldiers and workers. Only a few of them become reproductive termites.

Once termite babies start to grow in your house, your house is in trouble. Therefore, the house owner needs to identify termites before they grow their colonies so they can save their houses from damage. Termite babies can consume pounds of wood just in a few weeks. Read the symptoms and identify termites in your house on your own.

Some Facts About Baby Termites:

Before going to symptoms, you must know some facts about baby termites. Also, you will get to know how to identify baby termites because termites look like many other pest larvae, so that you can be confused, especially, ant larvae look like termite larvae with the naked eye.

Some Facts About Baby Termites

  • Baby Ants Vs. Baby Termites:

There are many similarities between ant larvae and termite babies. Anyone can be confused with the naked eye because they both look very similar, especially carpenter ant larvae and subterranean termite larvae. If we compare baby termites vs. ants, there are some different characteristics related to their shape, color, and size.

Baby termite pictures can give you a clear idea about their shape. They are usually white and tube-like in shape. When termites grow, they do not change their shape, unlike ants. When an aunt grows, it looks completely different than a termite. If we talk about destruction, termite destruction is a little more than an aunt. Also, termites are harder to get rid of.

  • Do Baby Termites Look Like Ants?

Baby termites look like ant larvae but not like ants. Although babies of both species look the same when the ant larvae grow, they change their look. Therefore, there are differences between termite larvae and an ant.

  • Do Baby Termites Have Wings?

Baby termite with wings is not possible at the early larvae stage. When termites grow, then they get wings. Also, only swarmer termites can use their wings and fly for a short period until they find the female swarmer so they both can mate and start a new colony.

  • What Color Are Baby Termites?

Tiny baby termites usually are in white and look just like elder termites. Color, size, and shape, everything looks like a mature termite, unlike other pests that change their look and physical characteristics when they grow. Baby termite photos will clear all of the confusion and give you a perfect idea of how it looks.

Baby Termites

Symptom of Baby Termites:

  1. Termite Drooping

Termite dropping is one of the main signs of termites in your house. Termite dropping is also known as frass or termite poop. It looks like sand, and usually, you can find it near the place where termites have their colonies. Termite dropping is the wood that they consume. It looks dark brown and black. Furthermore, the color of termite frass depends on the type of wood they are consuming. Also, termite drooping can be confused with ant drooping.

The main difference is the shape of drooling. Termite drooping will have 6-sided shapes. If you have seen termites drooping in the house, then there is a 99% chance of having termites in your house.

  1. Mud Tubes

Termite makes mud tubes on walls to travel from one colony to another. These mud tubes look like little mud canals on the walls. You can see mud tube pictures to have a perfect idea. These mud tubes are harmless but breaking them is not the solution. It will only help you to identify termites in your house. Mud tubes help termites to travel and find food as well. If you have seen mud tubes, you might have subterranean termites in your house. Because subterranean termites usually make mud tubes to protect themselves while traveling to their nest and find food.

Termite Mud Tubes

  1. Hollow Sounding Walls

There can be different reasons for hollow sound walls. But there are chances that you have hollow sound walls because of termites. They chew the wood from the wall inside. That is why a hollow sound comes from the wall when your tab. You need to have something a little hard to tab the wall, if you hear a hollow sound, you might have termites, and they will start to destroy your house with their destruction skills. In that case, you need to call pest control and let them examine you so you can save your house from severe damage.

  1. Flying Termites

Flying termites are reproductive termites. There are only a few termites in the colony who can fly. They fly for a very small period until they find their mate. Once flying termites find their mate, they break their wings and start building termites colonies and become the king and queen of their colony. If you have seen flying termites, then there are termites in your house, and they are building colonies as well. To prevent, start examination and treatment as soon as possible. Furthermore, flying termites are the main source of starting termite colonies. Therefore, they are very destructive once they start building colonies.

  1. Wing Drooping

Termites drop their wings because they do not use them a lot. If you find their wing around your house, then there are chances that you have termite babies growing in your house secretly. Their wing size is about ¼ or 4/8 of an inch. Beware and start an examination for termites in your house if you find termite wings.

  1. Broken Wood – Window or Cabinet

Sometimes you might see broken wood stuff around the house or in the house if you have termites. When termites consume wood, the wood becomes weaker, and it breaks. If you see your window door or any cabinet break without reason, you might have termites.

  1. Chewing Sound From the Wood

You might not believe it, but these little species even have chewing sounds when they consume wood. Although it is very light, you can hear it from the infested wood. Close your ear to an infested wood and concentrate on the sound. If you hear any chewing sound from the damaged wood, there are termites. Also, carpenter ants make their nest in the wood, making noise. They can be carpenter ants as well. But because they both are destructive, you need to do further examination and treatment; otherwise, they can be the cause of severe destruction.

How to Get Rid of Baby Termites?

Worried about baby termites and their destruction? No worries! Although baby termites are the hardest pest to get rid of, there are solutions to get rid of them.

  • Tenting treatment for baby termites.

Tenting is a procedure to treat a house with termites that kill baby termites. In that procedure, a pest control company covers the structure with a tent and leaves the gas in the structure. The gas goes into the infested area of the structure and kills are termites. It also kills other pests as well. The procedure normally takes 3 days. It is a little expensive process, but you will get rid of pests in a short time through this procedure. Remember, prevention is very important even after tenting because termites can come back late in the house. The tenting procedure is good for severe infestation. Otherwise, there are other solutions as well.

  • Baiting for baby termites

Baiting is another procedure to get rid of termite babies. In that procedure, a pest control company will install baits around the structure and refill it with a liquid termiticide that prevents and kills termites. It is a little slow procedure compared to tenting, but it also prevents termites. In that procedure, you will get rid of termites in 3 months.

  • Termiticide for baby termites

Different termiticides are introduced into the market by different companies to kill termites. Also, there are sprays in the market, which you can use on infested areas and kill termites.

  • DIY solutions for baby termites

If you feel that you don’t have a severe infestation of termites in your house, you can apply some DIY solutions and get rid of termite babies. In DIY solutions, detergent, orange oil, and tide soap are the most common household that can kill termites. You can use them while mixing them in a spray bottle with water. Spray 2 to 3 times a day and keep doing the spray until you get rid of termites. Remember, if the infestation is out of control, you must call a pest control company and let them do the treatment because termite is a very destructive pest that can silently destroy your house.

People also Ask:

  • What do baby termites look like?

Termite babies are very tiny in size. A young termite is 1/2 or 1/4 of an inch big; now, you can imagine how big a termite baby is. Also, termite babies look like younger termites. Thus, they do not change their look when they grow like other pests. Also, termite babies resemble ant larvae, but ant larvae change their look when they grow. Baby termites are usually in white and light brown colors.

  • How do you get rid of baby termites?

A tenting fumigation method will be recommended if there is a severe infestation of baby termites to eliminate them. Nevertheless, there are other solutions for baby termites, such as baiting around the structure or termiticide spray treatments. There are some DIY solutions for baby termites if the infestation is not so serious. Furthermore, it is important to seek professional treatment to avoid damage to your house since they are highly destructive.

  • Are baby termites white?

Yes, baby termites usually are in white and light brown. They look the same as young termites. The termite larvae are often confused with maggots, ant larvae, or insect larvae. These insects are quite small and similar in look. The shape of termite larvae looks like a tube.

  • How small are baby termites?

Baby termites are very tiny in size. They might be 1/8 an inch big. Because they are very small in size, it is hard to see a single termite with a naked eye. Together they look like white pieces of rice. They are usually white in color and tube-like shapes. Although they are very tiny, they can be very destructive to your house. They can consume pounds of wood and cause billions of dollars of damage.

  • Are termites hard to get rid of?

Termites are the hardest pest to get rid of. USA citizens pay billions of dollars to cover the termite damage. Once you get rid of termites, they might come back to your house. Therefore, preventions are very important to get rid of termites permanently. For prevention, you can install a bait system around your house or do the termite bond with the pest control company so you can claim your damage.

  • What is the fastest way to get rid of termites?

In the procedure, Tenting is the fastest way to get rid of termites; a termite control company covers all the structure with a tent and fumigates the area. With the fumigation gas, termites die within no time. Termite tenting procedure can take 3 days only to get rid of termites for the normal size of the structure. Also, plan prevention after the tenting treatment because tenting only kills termites. It does not prevent termites.

  • What scent do termites hate?

Termite hates cedarwood, geranium, tea tree oil, clove bud, and cinnamon. Also, garlic oils, orange oil, and Vetiver oil can repel and kill termites. Furthermore, detergent or tide soap can kill termites as well. A detergent contains boric acid, which is very effective against termites.

  • What attracts termites in the house?

A house with no ventilation is an invitation to termites. Also, a house with leakages in water pipes and moisture attracts termites. A place that remains closed for a long time is also a good place for termites. Therefore, always maintain proper ventilation in the house and try to repair the leakage pipes of your house to avoid termites. Furthermore, do not let any place of your house remain closed for a long time, like stores, basements, cabinets, etc.

Baby Termites

  • Does bleach kill termites?

Yes, bleach can kill termites. If you spray bleach, it affects the exoskeleton of termites that ends up killing them. Other household products are very effective against termites, such as detergent, tide soap, and orange oil. Also, there are termiticides available in the markets which are proven to kill termites.

  • Do baby termites jump?

No, termites don’t jump; some reproductive termites can fly but do not jump their legs. Termites can travel from one colony to another colony. They also make mud tubes to travel. You might often see mud tubes on the wall that termites use to travel. Mud tubes are also a sign that you have termites in your house. In conclusion, termites do not jump, but they can travel, and some reproductive termites can fly.


Baby termites are very tiny, but their destruction is huge to your house. Use our symptoms to identify baby termites and get rid of them. Also, do not forget to check baby termite pics to see how it looks before identifying them with our symptoms. If you have seen any of these symptoms in your house, call a pest control company and let them do the inspection. Also, some pest control companies offer free inspections.

If you have termites, go for the treatment and follow the instructions of a pest control company. Furthermore, do the treatment as soon as possible; otherwise, termites can be very damaging to your house. Also, share these symptoms and let your friends and family identify termites and control the termite damage.

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