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Termidor SC Review: How to Use Termidor SC For 100% Results

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Termidor SC is a very effective termiticide and insecticide not only against termites but other pests as well. It is an approved product from different governments around the world. Also, the Termidor is approved by the Environmental protection agency (EPA) of the USA.

Termidor SC Review

There is a general public concern that the Termidor is safe for humans? Yes, as Termidor is approved to use for the treatment of pests it is safe for humans. Furthermore, do not take Termidor orally or inhale, it can be dangerous. Overall it is dangerous and does not transfer any diseases in the human body if it is used according to the Termidor SC label.

Also, there is a myth about Termidor that it is a carcinogen and cause of cancer for humans. Scientists have not found any case that Termidor transfers any form of cancer to any human body. Also, there is no case yet registered of human cancer because of Termidor treatment.

Termidor is available for sale in different hardware and supermarkets. The general public can buy a maximum Termidor SC 20 oz. Furthermore, Termidor is available in other quantities as well but the higher quantity is only available for professionals and licensed agencies.

There is another question raised that Termidor SC termiticide can control other pests as well. Yes, Termidor SC is very effective against other pests as well such as ants, and bugs. Professionals use Termidor SC for carpenter ants treatment.

What is Termidor SC?

Termidor SC is a solution to kill and control pests. As per the Termidor label, it is for the use to kill and control different pests outdoors near the foundations of a structure. For the effective result, mix 6 ml Termidor SC in per liter water and apply 4 gallons of Termidor every 10 linear feet around the foundation of your home.  The active ingredient in Termidor is fipronil.


  • Chemical formula: C12H4Cl2F6N4OS
  • Molar mass: 437.14 g/mol
  • CAS Number: 120068-37-3
  • Melting point: 200.5 °C (392.9 °F; 473.6 K)
  • Boiling point: 510.1 °C
  • Density: 1.48 g/cm³

Most people use Termidor SC while construction as it is an effective termiticide and remains active for a long time and controls pests. It kills termites, ants, and other pests whenever they come in contact with it. Furthermore, you can apply Termidor post-construction as well. You can apply for Termidor on your own but in our recommendation ask a professional to help you and apply Termidor for you so you can get 100% effective results.

How to Apply Termidor SC?

Before going to the Termidor SC application let’s find out how to mix Termidor SC, Termidor is a liquid solution that comes in different sizes, Termidor SC termiticide 20 oz is available for sale to anyone including the general public. It also comes in higher quantities for example Termidor SC 78 oz but it is only available to certified persons.

Termidor SC Vs Termidor H.E

Now to mix Termidor, have a water gallon. If you do not have a water gallon then take any container and mix 6ml of Termidor SC in per liter of water. If you have a gallon then mix  0.80 fl oz in per gallon of water. Termidor comes in a measuring device as well. So it will be easier for non-professionals as well to make a Termidor SC solution.

After making the solution let’s find out how to apply Termidor SC. There are two ways to apply Termidor SC. The first is for the treatment of ants and bugs as a barrier to control them entering into the structure that is known as perimeter pest control treatment.

What is perimeter pest control treatment?  Pest protection plan designed to protect your home’s perimeter and prevent insects from entering your home and foundation. It is for the protection of exterior surfaces such as a house, exposed foundation, soil, and nearby plant material, etc. to apply Termidor as a perimeter pest control treatment, you do not need to dig a trench to apply Termidor SC. just make the solution and apply it.

Other than perimeter pest control treatment you have to dig a trench outdoors near to the foundation and apply Termidor SC to protect your structure from pests like termites. For a better result apply 4 gallons of Termidor every 10 linear feet around the foundation of your home.

Now there is another question raised that can I apply Termidor indoors. As per Termidor SC label 2016, the Termidor can not be applied indoor until it is for the treatment of specific spots.

Where to buy Termidor SC?

Where can I buy Termidor SC? If you are not a professional you can buy Termidor SC termiticide 20 oz from any supermarket or hardware store near to your place. It is also available in different online stores as well. Termidor SC amazon’s price is $60 to $70.

Other than amazon there are other online stores as well that sell Termidor such as eBay, Pestweb, Domyown. Pest web is a website that not only sells pest control products but also provides training to use termiticide and insecticide. The Termidor SC price varies if there is a promotion otherwise it is available around 70$. Furthermore, Termidor SC 78 oz is available but a non-certified person can not buy it. Termidor SC 2.5 gallon price is around $200.

Is Termidor SC safe?

Termidor SC is safe as it is an approved product for the treatment of pests. Also, it can be dangerous if it is not used according to the label. It is not dangerous to humans but does not inhale or take orally otherwise it can be dangerous. Also, it is safe for pets as well.

Always read the label not only for Termidor but for other products as well and use it accordingly. Otherwise, any pesticide can be dangerous. Especially, if you are not a professional, watch videos of professionals and read their articles to use the pesticide. Moreover, let a professional do the work for you because it will be safe and more effective. Many pest control companies around the world use Termidor as it is an effective termiticide and insecticide as well.

Termidor SC Comparison:

Termidor SC vs Tenting Fumigation:

It is and tenting both are very effective against pests but they both have their own specific pros and cons. Tenting is a faster treatment for pests as it kills termites and other insects instantly. In a tenting procedure, pest control companies cover the structure with tents and fumigate the area to kill pests.

Sulfuryl fluoride use while tenting fumigation. It is a fast-reacting gas against pests that targets the nervous system of pests and kills them instantly. Termidor kills termites and other pests when they come in contact with it. Furthermore, it is a little slow but keeps working and prevents pests for a long time.

Termidor is also used as prevention against pests on the other hand tenting fumigation is only to kill termites instantly and does not prevent termites and other pests in the future after the treatment.

Tenting fumigation is for the worst infestation in the house or any structure as it kills pests instantly. Termidor can be used pre-construction and post-construction as it is a long-term treatment for pests.

For tenting, house owners have to leave their house for a while because it can be dangerous to other living things but for Termidor, you do not have to leave the house while treatment. Also, tenting treatment is more expensive than a Termidor treatment.

Taurus Sc vs Termidor:

Termidor SC vs Taurus SC, the active ingredient in Taurus SC and Termidor SC is fipronil.  The difference between Termidor SC and Taurus SC is the manufacturer. They both work the same and they both have almost the same efficiency rate.

Also, there is not a lot of price difference between these two as they both contain the same active ingredients.

Termidor vs Sentricon:

Sentricon is for use in a bait station that protects not only the structure but the yard and environment as well. On the other hand, Termidor specifically protects the structure of a house or any building. Termidor SC is much faster than a bait system and it kills termites and other pests as well whenever they come in contact with it. On the other hand, Sentricon is slower than Termidor but effective as it is mostly used in bait stations.

The active ingredient in Sentricon is hexaflumuron that affects the molting process of termites. Termidor kills termites when they come in contact with it. Termites and other pests can not identify Termidor. Therefore, in their routine activity when they come in contact they die. A Sentricon bait station is much more expensive than a Termidor treatment. Sentricon bait stations can cost up to $4000.

Termidor SC vs Talstar P:

The active ingredient of Talstar P is bifenthrin. It is for use both indoors and outdoors. On the other hand, Termidor is only for use outdoors as per the label. If we compare the efficiency rate, Bifenthrin is slower than fipronil. The price of Talstar p  96 oz is $50.

Termidor vs Premise:

Termidor and premise both are good for the termite treatment but researches show that Termidor lasts longer and protects a little more the premise. The active ingredient in the premise is Imidacloprid. Furthermore, there is a very small price difference between premise treatment and Termidor treatment.

Termidor vs Altriset:

The active ingredient in altriset is Chlorantraniliprole that affects insects’ movement and feeding system and as result, insects die. As compared to that Termidor is a fast-acting termiticide and insecticide as it kills termites when they come in contact with it because of its non-repellent quality it is more effective than many other insecticides and termiticides.

Termidor HE vs SC:

SC stands for Suspended Concentrate and HE stands for High Efficiency. They both contain the same active ingredients. They both work the same but as mentioned Termidor HE has a higher efficiency rate. Termidor HE is available in different sizes in the market. The Termidor HE 20 oz price is around $40 and Termidor HE 78 oz price is around $100.

Termidor SC Review:

We have compared Termidor with other products that show Termidor SC has a higher efficiency rate and is 100% effective against termites, ants, and other pests. Let’s discuss some true reviews and find the pros and cons of the product.

Termidor SC Pros:

  • Effective not only against termites but other pests as well

Termidor is very effective against termites as well as other pests such as ants and bugs. It is an approved, most used, and fully efficient product that professionals use in post and pre-construction. Research shows, applying Termidor SE pre-construction and post-construction prevent pests.

Termidor SC

  • 100% efficacy rate

Termite is approved because it is very efficient and gives 100% results when applied. It is one of the most effective procedures adopted to exterminate termites, ants, and bugs. Also, always contact professionals and let them do the treatment for you to have 100% effective results. Moreover, some companies give you a money-back guarantee as well after Termidor SC treatment.

  • Non-repellent 

Termites, ants, and bugs are not able to identify Termidor therefore they come in contact with it and die. Because it is non-repellent it performs much better than many other insecticides and termiticides.

  • Pet, plants, and human friendly 

Termidor is pet and human-friendly also there are no environmental side effects. As it is applied after tench it does not affect plants as well. Furthermore, always read the Termidor label and follow the instructions to have the desired results.

  • Last for several years

Termidor is a termiticide and insecticide that can last for several years and can protect houses and other building structures for a long time. In some cases, Termidor remains effective for almost 10 years. Therefore, many companies have their faith in Termidor and use it for termite, bugs, and ants treatment.

  • Approved by EPA

Termidor is approved by the environmental protection agency of the USA. Also, it is approved to use in different countries around the world. It is easily available for professional and certified persons as much as required. Also, you can buy it in online stores as well.

  • Cheap as compared to other treatment

Termidor treatment is cheap as compared to tenting fumigation and baiting systems. As we know tenting is instant killing but not a prevention system. On the other hand, baiting is a good prevention system for pests but does not kill pests instantly. As compared to both, Termidor provides killing and prevention at the same time, and also it is cheaper than both systems.

Termidor SC Cons:

  • Hard to apply for a non-professional

Termidor is hard to apply for non-professionals. You have to dig a trench around the structure which takes a lot of effort. Therefore, only a professional can do the work because it is hard and time taking. Only a professional pest control agency can guarantee a 100% efficiency rate. Thus, we recommend that you must hire a professional to work for you so you can get desired results.

  • Only kills insects when they come in contact

Termidor can only kill insects that come in contact with it. There are termiticides and insecticides in the market that can kill termites and insects as they release gases that repellent and stop pests and prevent.

In conclusion, Termidor has more pros than cons and it is a good termiticide and insecticide as there are a lot of pest companies that use Termidor for the treatment of termites and insects.

People Also Asks:

  1. What insects does Termidor SC kill?

Termidor SC can kill all types of termites such as dry wood termites, subterranean termites, and Formosan termites. Other than termites, Termidor can kill carpenter ants, nuisance ants,  argentine ants, etc. Termidor is mainly made to protect the structure from termites but it is not specifically for termites as it can kill ants and other pests as well.

  1. What does Termidor SC kill?

Active ingredients in Termidor SC is fipronil which can kill different types of pests such as termites and ants. It is approved by different departments around the world and used to protect houses from termites and other pests.

  1. Is Termidor harmful to humans?

Termidor is not dangerous unless taken orally or inhaled. Otherwise, it is non-toxic to humans and does not transmit any diseases if touched. The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States has fully approved the use of Termidor for treating pest infestations.

  1. What is the difference between Termidor and Termidor SC?

There is no difference between Termidor and Termidor SC. The Termidor SC is the same product that professionals use because it is in larger quantities. SC means (suspended concentrate) which means it can be used after mixing it in water. A homeowner can buy a maximum of 20 oz Termidor bottles.

  1. How much does Termidor treatment cost?

It depends on how much quantity you need for the treatment. The average cost of Termidor treatment can be $1000. A 20 oz bottle of Termidor is available for $60 to $70. In our recommendation, let a professional do the Termidor treatment for you because there are companies that offer a money-back guarantee as well.

Termidor treatment cost

  1. Why can’t Termidor be used indoors?

As per the label, Termidor cannot be used for indoor treatment unless it’s for specific spot treatment. Additionally, if you are not a professional, make sure to follow the directions correctly. Otherwise, it may be harmful to you. Moreover, Termidor can be dangerous if inhaled or taken orally. Therefore, always wear a mask and gloves while using a Termidor.

  1. What is better: sentricon vs Termidor?

Sentricon is slower than Termidor in killing termites but they both have their own pros and cons. Sentricon kills termite until it remains installed. It takes 1 to 3 months to kill termite colonies. On the other hand, Termidor kills termites faster but for that termites must come in contact with it.

  1. How long does it take for Termidor SC to work?

Termidor SC starts working after applying but house owners have to wait at least 3 months for better results. Termidor is faster than many advanced bait stations. Sometimes bait stations take almost one year to have control on termites.

  1. Can I do my own Termidor?

Yes, you can use Termidor on your own. However, for an effective result, you should ask a professional to do the work for you so you can get better results. To use Termidor, mix Termidor liquid in water, and apply 4 gallons of Termidor every 10 linear feet around the foundation of the structure.

  1. Is Termidor a carcinogen?

The main ingredient of Termidor is fipronil and scientists have not found any evidence that fipronil can cause cancer in humans. Termidor is an effective termiticide and certified to use for pest control treatment. In conclusion, do not worry about using a Termidor for termite or any pest treatment as it is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the USA and many other governments around the world.


Termidor is a very effective termiticide to kill termites and prevent them from building their colonies and coming into the structure. It is available on different hardware stores and online stores as well such as amazon. To use Termidor we commend hiring professional services for better results. Furthermore, Termidor is non-toxic unless inhaled or taken orally. Also, always use gloves and masks if you are using Termidor on your own. Moreover, there is a myth that Termidor is a carcinogen. It is a completely fine and approved product to use for termite and pest control.

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