Queen Termite: 3 Professional Ways to Terminate Termite Queen

Queen Termite: 3 Professional Ways to Terminate Termite Queen

When it comes to getting rid of a termite colony, the termite queen must be terminated. Most of the time people use DIY solutions and they leave the termite queen and kill other termites and as result termites start to grow again.

There are mainly three types of termites in a colony: worker termites, soldier’s termites, and reproductive termites. The male swarmer is the king and the female swarmer is the queen termite. Queen is mainly responsible for growing termites because it lays eggs and grows termites. Therefore, it is very important in any termination process to kill the termite queen. If it is hard for you to identify the difference between normal termite and swarmer, look for the queen termite pics.

Termite Queen

When queen termite laying eggs in a colony, worker termites start arranging termite larvae food and soldier termite protects the eggs. Termite eggs hatch in 15 days. After hatching, some larvae of termite become workers, and some become soldiers. Reproductive termites are few in a colony and they fly away after they become adults and look for their mate to start their own colony.

The procedure of termite growth keeps going and the destruction of your house keeps increasing until you do the treatment. One more thing, termites never go away on their own. You must need to do the treatment otherwise they will keep destroying your house. If you kill a termite queen, you can easily get rid of termites. Therefore, you need to know termite queens.

Facts and Species Of The Termite Queen:

What Does A Queen Termite Look Like?

Termite queens resemble a yellowish and brownish pea that has a stomach full of termite eggs. How to find a termite queen?  Most of the time, they are deep beneath the surface and very difficult to find. In addition, termite queens don’t move much, while workers carry out the queen’s orders. You need to follow worker termites to identify them.

Termite Queen

Students and researchers who are interested in them can look for termite queens for sale and you’ll find some pest farmers who sell them. In addition, if you are a fan of television serials then you must watch the good luck charlie termite queen episode. The show is a sitcom, and it’s an excellent one. You will humorously learn about them. Also, there are termite queen videos available where you can see its dissection as well.

Termite Queen Lifespan:

They can live for 30 years or more. A lot of factors determine the queen’s lifespan, including her species, environment, etc.

How Big Is A Termite Queen?

Queen termite size is usually more than a worker and soldier as you can see in their pictures. Normally, they are 4 to 5 inches long in size.  Macrotermes bellicosus is a species of termites. The queen of Macrotermes bellicosus is the largest termite queen which can be 5 to 6 cm long.

Drywood Termite Queen and Subterranean Termite Queen:

Mainly there are two types of termite species that normally we see in our houses. They both can be very destructive to your house, subterranean termite, and the drywood termite. A subterranean termite queen color varies from yellow to black and queen lives in soil. On the other side, the drywood queen is usually pale brown and lives in a wooden structure.

Queen Termite with Wings:

All the termites’ queens have wings but when they find their mate they break their wings and stop flying. You will see a queen termite with wings and without wings.

African Termite Queen:

She is known for laying eggs. It can lay around 25 million eggs in her life. African mound-building queen lifespan is around 50 years. In some cases, it lives up to 60 years which is a very long lifespan for any kind of insect.

Queen Termite Laying Eggs

Termination of The Termite Queen:

  1. Bait Stations:

The bait station is a very useful way to terminate a termite king and queen. Bait stations use low poisoning termiticide for termites that are very effective for killing termite queens. Workers who take poison from bait stations in search of food carry it within the colony and give it to the queen, who eats it and eventually dies.

  1. Termiticide In Wood or Soil:

Termiticides that act as slow poisons work well at killing termite queens. Termiticides can be applied to both wood and soil to eradicate drywood and subterranean termite colonies. Queen termites don’t move and can be hard to identify, so termiticides that work instantly aren’t very effective at killing them. The termiticide can be transferred to the queen through the workers, so slow poisoning chemicals can be very efficient in killing swarmers.

  1. Fumigation:

The fumigation process kills all termites in the house, including queens and kings. Furthermore, it can kill a wide range of other insects as well. Make sure, you use the right procedure to terminate the termite queen according to your need, and a termite control expert can tell you better after the examination. Because sometimes you do not need expensive treatment like fumigation to treat termites. Therefore, always consult with a professional who will examine the place and suggest the treatment.

Termite Fumigation

People Also Asks:

  • What happens if you kill a termite queen?

She builds a termite colony.  In other words, if you kill her, you can prevent termites from growing in your home. Additionally, wherever you go for termite treatment, make sure that you kill the termite queen or termites will start growing. A colony of termites consists of three types of termites: swarmers, workers, and soldiers. Swarmers are the most dangerous termites, also known as queen and king of termites and they are the ones responsible for growing colonies of termites.

  • How many termite queens are there?

When termite eggs hatch only a few are the swarmers also known as queen and king of termites. They leave colonies and fly away when they get wings to find their mate and start a new colony. So it depends on how many termite colonies there are to figure out the number of termite queens.

  • What does the queen termite look like?

A Termite queen is usually bigger than a normal termite and hidden deep. Moreover, they usually do not move a lot because it contains eggs. It is usually yellowish in color.

  • How do you get rid of Queen termites?

There are several ways to get rid of the termite queen. Slow poison is the best method, as the worker will take the termiticide and give it to the queen, and if the queen eats it, it will die. Fumigation is another option. Fumigation kills all termites, including their queen.

  • What kills termites instantly?

There are different termiticides such as Termidor that kill termites instantly. Whenever termites come in contact with Termidor they die instantly. Tenting fumigation is also an instant termite relief treatment that kills all termites in just 2 to 3 days. There are DIY solutions as well to kill termites such as vinegar, detergents, and tide soaps. Moreover, termites hate sunlight and it can be a termite killer.

  • What do termites hate?

Termites hate sunlight. Therefore, we always suggest having a home where you can have sunlight and fresh air. The old method of getting rid of termites was to place their stuff in the sunlight, and even today if you have something movable and infested, you can place it in the sunlight, and the termites will die. On the other hand, termites love moisture and less ventilated places. Thus, always make your house properly ventilated because it is good for health and bad for termites.

  • Why do termites die when the Queen dies?

Termites’ reproductive systems stop when she dies. Therefore, it becomes hard for a colony to survive. In some cases, termites survive even after the death of their queen. After the death of the queen secondary reproductive takes the place of a queen.

  • Can termites survive without their queen?

Yes. Termites can survive after the death of a queen but for that secondary reproductive termites must take their place. Also, termites sometimes do not accept other termites as a queen, and they kill their own new queen. So yes, termites can survive but when a queen dies it becomes hard for them.

When a termite bites you, nothing happens. Termites are non-toxic and do not transmit any diseases to humans. Termites have not yet caused any human deaths or diseases.

  • Can termites enter the human body?

No, termites do not enter the human body, but yes, Termites can bite the human body, but they do not transmit any diseases. Normally, these insects are dangerous to other insects and do not attack humans. Yes, termite soldiers can bite the human body when they feel threatened, but since they are naturally non-toxic, they do not transmit diseases.


If you want to get rid of the termites completely, you need to kill the termite queen. We kill termites and leave termite queens. As a result, termites start to grow again. So never leave the queen alive whenever you start termite treatment. In our suggestion, consult with a pest control company and let them do the examination and do the treatment accordingly.

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