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5 Best Termite Bait Stations to Get Rid Of Termites Permanently

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The majority of people believe that the termite bait system is only effective in preventing termites, but do you know that it can also terminate them as well. Yes, termite bait stations have all the termite solutions that you need to get rid of termites permanently.

Termites are the hardest pest to get rid of and we know how desperate people become sometimes when they do not find the solution. Basically, termites come back after the treatment and it is the most common issue that people face.

Termite Bait Stations

Why do termites come back after the treatment? The most common mistake that people make after eliminating termites is that they do not do anything to prevent them. Therefore, termites come back even after expensive termite treatments.

Termite bait stations are capable of both terminating and preventing termites. For this reason, many pest control companies recommend them. It is also important to note that they will work for several years and will continue to prevent termites for a long time.

What Is A Termite Bait Station?

Termite bait is made up of cellulose that contains a slow-acting termiticide that disrupts the termites’ growth processes. As soon as the termites consume the bait, they begin to molt and die. There are different types of them, some for indoor use and some for outdoor use. Mostly termites bait stations installed outside around the structure and walkthrough.

It remains active and continues to terminate and prevent termites for a long time. In some cases, they remain active and work effectively for almost 10 years. Once the bait stations are installed, you only need to maintain and refill them if needed. Furthermore, when a pest control company installs it for you they also provide its refills service as well and do the examination 3 to 4 times a year.

How Does Termite Bait Systems Work?

Termites can be so deep on the surface that sometimes we can not identify them. In that case, we have mainly two kinds of treatment: liquid termiticide (barrier treatment) and bait system. Liquid termiticide treatment is good as well but it can kill termites when they come in contact with it. But when bait stations are installed it has the capability to terminate all termite colonies because of its functions.

When termite workers go around under the surface in search of food they take termiticide from the bait. The good thing about termiticide that is used in the bait is its slow poisoning. When termites go back into their colonies they infect other termites and larvae that disturb their digestive system and they eventually die. As a result, the bait station has the capability to terminate all termites including workers, soldiers, swarmers, and their larvae.

Now people often want to know: are they effective? Definitely, the answer is yes, because it has the capability to terminate the whole termite colony including the termite queen.

How to Install Termite Bait Stations?

To install in-ground termite bait stations, you must know the installation pattern to get the desired results. Between bait stations and a house’s foundation, there should be a distance of 2 to 3 feet, and the distance between baits should be between 10 to 20 feet. Also, It can be placed in areas where you suspect termite activities such as woodpiles or tree stumps.

Most commonly they are used below surface outdoors around the foundation of a house or any structure. There are few termite bait stations such as exterra termite bait stations that are installed indoors above the surface as well. Its indoor variant is used when termites are active inside the house and destroying the structure. Its box is installed indoors near the most affected areas to eliminate termites.

Do It Yourself Termite Bait:

Good news! Termite bait stations do it yourself; there are few termite bait systems that you can buy online. But before installing it read our blog or watch videos that will help to install a bait station. Also, bait stations required proper inspection and refilling. Therefore, after installation, always inspect the bait station. When a pest control company installs bait stations they offer refilling and inspection service as well. Therefore, you get a better result when a pest control company installs bait stations for you. You can search for it at home depot to buy bait and refills. Also, you can buy different pesticides and insecticides at home depot as well. Furthermore, you can buy its cartridges on amazon as well.

Top 5 Proven and Register Termite Bait:


Sentricon termite bait station is a solution to terminate the whole termite colony. Around 5 million people have sentricon termite bait installed in their homes. It is an EPA-approved system to eliminate termites. Not only that, sentricon got the presidential green chemistry award as well from the EPA (environment protection agency).

Sentricon Bait Station

The active ingredient in sentricon is hexaflumuron that is used in different pesticides to terminate and prevent pests. It is non-toxic to humans and specifically used to terminate termites. The sentricon system cost depends on the size of the structure and pest control companies; the average cost of a sentricon bait station can be $3000 to $4000. Also, pest control companies charge inspection and refilling fees as well. Terminix bait station service also uses sentricon bait stations.


Exterra provides both indoor and outdoor bait station variants to protect houses from termites. Exterra offers an indoor termite bait variant which is very effective for indoor termites treatment.  It is environmentally friendly and widely used in Australia to exterminate termites. Only in Australia, the exterra termite bait system is installed in more than 100,000 homes and commercial places.

Exteraa termite boxes contain alpha-cellulose that is the most favorite food for termites that attract termites to the bait station. Alpha cellulose contains termiticide in it which kills termites when they eat it. The cost of exterra termite bait is between $3000 to $3500. Just like all other bait stations, the exteraa bait station also required maintenance and examination after its installation.

Recruit® HD Termite Bait:

Recruit HD termite bait systems widely use pre-construction as it is very effective against subterranean termites. It affects the molting and developing process of subterranean termites and as result, they die.

It contains noviflumuron which is used in different insecticides. Remember, before using any termiticide or insecticide always read its label and use it according to that otherwise it can be dangerous. Normally recruit is non-toxic to humans but it can be affected for pets such as fishes because it is toxic to aquatic invertebrates. Recruit® HD termite bait stations cost around $3000. Furthermore, the cost of any bait station can be less or more according to the size of the structure.

Trelona Advance®

Trelona termite bait is an effective termite bait station and eco-friendly as well. Advanced termite bait systems contain advanced technologies to terminate termites. It can be identified by termites easily. Novaluron is an active ingredient in trelona atbs advanced termite bait station that has the capability to exterminate whole termite colonies and provide further prevention as well.

Trelona Advance Bait System

Trelona advance termite station cost depends on your need. The average cost is almost the same as others stations. You can buy different parts and a trelona advance kit as well which will help you to install and examine it. The advanced termite bait cartridge box price is $90 that contains 6 cartridges and the kit price is around $400.

If we compare the advanced termite bait system vs sentricon then the advanced bait station has a slight edge because termites identify advanced bait stations faster than the sentricon. Therefore it works a little faster in terminating termites.

Borax Termite Bait:

Borax is a very effective termite killer and boric acid widely used to kill termites in different methods especially in wood treatment. Do you know? You can use boric acid in a termite bait station and get rid of termites.

Boric acid affects the digestive system of termites and when termites take boric acid they eventually die. You can make your own termite bait station using boric acid and any termite baits. But while doing it, make sure children and pets do not reach the boric acid bait station.

Termite Bait Stations Reviews:

In reviews of different pest control companies, environmental agencies, and users, the bait station is an effective termite control method. It provides two different solutions: termination and prevention. There is one other method that can compete with it and it is liquid treatment.

Termite bait stations vs. Liquid treatment, both works as a barrier for termites and mostly use outdoors around the structure. Research shows that many times liquid treatment fails to detect termites because that treatment only kills termites when they come in contact with it. On the other side, It works more effectively and can vanish the whole termite colony including swarmers.

Pros and Cons of Termite Bait Stations:

These have several advantages but just like all other methods, it has some cons as well.

Pros and Cons of Termite Bait Stations

Termite Bait Station Pros:

Bait stations provide long-term termite prevention and peace of mind. Normally termite bait stations keep working effectively for almost 5 years but they must be properly maintained and refilled on time.

  • Terminate as well as prevent termites

Baits are mostly known because of their prevention system but they can eliminate termites as well. Termites are the hardest pest to get rid of. When people do expensive treatment, termites come back again and start destroying the house. Thus, you must have prevention as well after any treatment. To solve this termination and prevention problem It provides both facilities in one method. You can terminate termites and prevent them as well for a long time.

  • Capability to terminate the whole colony 

As compared to other treatments termites bait stations have the capability to terminate whole termite colonies because of their functions. When a termite eats from bait they spread the termiticide effects to other termites and as result, all termite colonies vanish in a few months.

Termite Bait Station Cons:

  • Slow in terminating termites

As compared to Termidor treatment or tenting treatment, termite bait stations are slow as it takes months to exterminate termites. If a structure has severe infestation then the owner must go for treatments like tenting fumigation first then bait because baits are very slow and a severe infestation can damage the house rapidly.

  • Cost-effective 

For some people bait stations can be a little costly because it takes inspection cost, refilling cost, and replacing cost. As compared to other methods, It requires maintenance costs to work properly after the installation.

Overall termite bait stations are very effective against termites and it is the best prevention method to prevent termites. There are millions of people who have baits around their houses and commercial places. There is a bait station installed around the white house as well to prevent and terminate pests.

People Also Asks:

  1. Do Termite Bait Stations Really Work?

Bait stations are effective termites control systems as they not only terminate termites but also provide termite prevention as well. Furthermore, only installing boxes around the structure and walkthrough will not do the work; it must be refilled, changed, or repaired on time if needed and installed properly otherwise house owners will not get desired results. Overall, It is an effective procedure against termites.

  1. What Is The Best Termite Bait?

Recruit® HD termite bait, sentricon®, exterra®, and trelona advance® are the most known and effective termite bait stations that different pest control companies suggest around the world. For the desired and better result, use bait stations properly according to your need or hire professional services. If you are installing a bait station on your own then make sure you use the right variant according to your need for example you can not use an outdoor bait station variant for indoor use and vice versa. Also, if a pest control company installs bait stations they will examine and refill but if you are doing all the stuff on your own then examine and refill bait stations on time otherwise it will not work properly. In our suggestion let a pest control company do the work for you. It will be a little expensive but you will get desired results.

  1. How Long Do Termite Bait Stations Last?

Termite bait stations can last around 5 years but throughout you have to examine baits and refill if needed. Furthermore, bait stations can last up to 10 years as well if properly maintained. Furthermore, for a better result examine bait stations at least 4 times a year.

  1. What Is The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Termites?

There are different procedures that pest control companies adopt to get rid of termites after examining the infestation. Overall bait stations are one of the best and most effective as they do not only exterminate termites but prevent them as well. Furthermore, bait stations not only prevent and kill termites they can be useful for other pests as well such as ants and bugs.

  1. What Attracts Termites To A Home?

A home or any structure that does not have proper ventilation and sunlight attracts termites because they like moisture. Therefore, we always suggest repairing water pipes if there is any leakage and do not let a place remain closed for a long time.

  1. Why Do They Drill Holes For Termite Treatment?

It is part of some termite treatment methods to drill holes. For example, in soil treatment, a barrier must be formed around the structure to eradicate termites and prevent further damage.

  1. What Small Do Termites Hate?

Termites hate different smells such as cedarwood and geranium. Furthermore, clove bud, cinnamon, orange oil, and garlic oils can also eliminate and repel termites.

  1. Can I Spray For Termites Myself?

Yes, there are sprays available in the market that you can use on your own for the specific spot treatment. Remember, if you have a severe infestation then you need a professional service and adopt professional treatment such as baiting and tenting. Also, always read termite spray labels and use them accordingly otherwise you will not be able to get your desired results.

  1. Can Termites Eat Concrete?

No, termites cannot digest concrete. They mainly consume wood to feed their larvae. Furthermore, termites cannot break or crack any concrete foundation. However, they can get into cracks and holes in the concrete foundation and damage nearby wood.

  1. Do Termites Ever Just Go Away?

Termites never go away easily. They will keep consuming and damaging wood is allowed. Yes, termites are the hardest pest to get rid of but if you follow professional treatment and prevention procedures you can get rid of termites permanently.


Termite bait is the most effective way to get rid of termites as it does not only kill termite but prevent them as well. As a result, most pest control companies recommend setting up baits near the target area to prevent different kinds of pests. Remember, termites will not go away; they will keep destroying the house until you do any treatment for them. In our suggestions, install termite bait stations because it has many advantages. Moreover, it lasts for several years. In some cases, termites bait stations keep working for almost more than 8 years.

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