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Termite Eggs: 7 Ways to Identify Termite Eggs and Get Rid of them!

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Termite eggs can be dangerous to your house. According to a survey, approximately USA citizens spend $2 billion per year to cover the termite damage. What is a termite egg? Termite is a kind of insect that damages our home, walls, furniture, and floors.

To identify the eggs you must know, what do termite eggs look like? They are very small in size. Usually, they are white and oval-shaped. It’s hard to identify the eggs because they are mostly hidden deep in the wall surface and furniture. Through some indications, we can identify termite eggs and get rid of them.

Some termite egg images help you to identify the termite egg. If you have seen a termite in your home then there is a 100% chance you have them as well. As you can see the termite eggs in pictures you can judge how they look.

How to Identify Termite Eggs and Get Rid of It? [Solved]

What Are the Facts and Figures About Termite and Termite Eggs?

A termite queen is the one, responsible for the eggs. The queen can live up to 25 years. The queen alone can build 30 colonies in her life and can give millions of eggs

How many eggs does a termite queen lay in one day? A termite queen can lay 1000 eggs in a day. The queen is responsible for laying eggs and others just take care of the eggs.

There is a question that comes to mind, can termite eggs move? Yes, workers move the termite eggs to protect them. So it can move to different places in your home as well. If you locate termite eggs in the house then you must do something to stop them from spreading. Thus, you can call the termite inspection team near your location.

Are Termite Eggs Hard and Sticky? 

Termite eggs are very small. Because they are mostly in white color they look like white powder. They can be slightly sticky as well. How big are termite eggs? A termite egg is very tiny in size if you see a lot of eggs together it will look like a white powder. A single egg is even hard to see with a naked eye.

Termite Eggs

Are Termite Eggs Hard to Find?

Termite eggs are hard to find because they are very tiny in the size and deep in the wall or furniture. If you see termites in your home then there are a lot of chances that you might have their eggs as well. Queen termites lay eggs on a secure and deep surface.

They can be located on the wall and dry wood. In dry wood termite eggs are secure and it is a suitable place for the queen to lay eggs. Damaged wood or termites drooping are two major signs of them.

How Long Can Termite Eggs Live?

A queen can lay more than 1000 eggs approximately. These eggs need a proper environment to hatch; a queen and her worker try their best to protect their eggs. Now, how long do they take to hatch? Termite eggs hatch in two weeks.

The time can be more or less it depends on the situation and the environment of the incubator but the time is approximately two weeks. If we talk about Ant eggs vs Termite eggs, there are many similarities between them, both are tiny and they both are usually in white colors and they also have queens and soldiers.

How Long Can Termite Eggs Live

How Long Can Termite Eggs Lay Dormant?

There are many species of termite. They lay dormant for different times. When they go underneath the wall or wood they stay there for a long time and save food there as well. Something made out of wood is one of the best things for them to stay.

A queen lays eggs and soldiers protect these eggs. If you identify the termites in your home use our DIY solution As soon as possible or call the inspection team to inspect termite and their eggs because if you wait they can give a lot of damage to your house.

What to Do with Termite Eggs?

As we know it can damage our place so the answer is definitely ‘get rid of it. But there comes a question that is commonly asked. How to get rid of termite eggs? Well, there are many ways to get rid of termite eggs. There are professional and DIY solutions as well.

What kills termite eggs? If we talk about DIY ideas to get rid of them then I would suggest you use washing powder. Washing powder is a common household product that can kill termites and their eggs. But to use it you just need to locate termite eggs’ location.

Once you are successful in locating the termite eggs location use washing powder direct to that place. Also, you can mix washing powder in water and then spray the mixture on the termite nest. Also, you can use borax powder instead of washing powder. Borax powder is also known as sodium tetraborate. It is very effective against any insects. It can also help to kill ants as well.

Let’s include another question that is commonly asked, will fumigation kill them? Well, it will not directly kill them. But yes, it can kill the termite queen and workers who take care of the eggs if they die then eggs will die too. So fumigation will kill termite eggs.

How to Get Rid of The Termite Eggs in A Professional Way?

Well, to get rid of it professionally you need to consult with professionals. For that, you can consult any nearly located pest control specialist. There are many companies around the world supporting you with their professional skills and using their professional equipment so you can get rid of these kinds of troubles.

Get Rid of The Termite Eggs in A Professional Way

Also, there are some products available in the market which you can buy and use to get rid of termite eggs, for example, Taurus SC, Bifen XTS, Spectracide Terminate, and Termidor Foam. These are some of the best formulas which you can use to kill termite eggs.

What to Do If You Find Termite Droppings, But No Termites?

Termite droppings are usually the sign that shows there are termites nearby. If you have not seen termite but termite dropping then you might have mistaken something else with termite drooping. For that let discuss how termite dropping looks like?

Termite Droppings, But No Termites

Termite drooping known as frass and pellets as well looks like sand. Sometimes, it looks like coffee powder. There is no specific color of termite dropping it can be brownish sometimes black and sometimes like a sand color.

To confirm, if the thing you are seeing is termite drooping or not, you need to check your walls and wood. If there are cracks in your wall and wood then there is a chance that the thing you are seeing is termite drooping. Check your wood furniture as well near termite droppings.

Can Termite Bite or Hurt Hummus?

Can Termite Bite or Hurt Hummus

Termites can bite on human skin. But because of their non-toxic nature, they do not pass any diseases to the human body like venom, etc. Normally, they are only dangerous to other insects.

Termites are not harmful to the human body but they can be harmful to human finance. Sometimes, people have to spend thousands of dollars to cover the damage they give to your house.

You can call pest control any time to get rid of them because they are trained and they have all the equipment to deal with them. If you are trying any DIY solution always wear gloves. They are not life-threatening but still, they can bite.

People Also Asks:

  1. What do dry wood termite eggs look like?

Termite eggs are very small in size. Mostly, eggs are in white color and oval shape. From a naked eye, it looks like a white powder. Most of the time, the queen lays the eggs 5 to 10 inches below the surface. So it can be safe. All the termite workers protect them.

  1. How long does it take for termite eggs to hatch?

They take one to two weeks to hatch. Also, hatching depends on environmental conditions. Queen and workers not only protect the eggs, but they also do their best to give them a suitable environment so they can hatch on time.

  1. What are termite droppings?

Frass and pellets are the other names of termite dropping. Termites make small holes in the woods so they can poop. If you find frass and pellets in your home it is a sign that you have unwanted guests in your home.

  1. What are the signs of termites in your home?

There are few signs of termites. If you find grass and pellets in your home then it is a sign of termites because frass and pellets are termite droppings. Another sign of a termite is damaged wood. If you have any of the symptoms it means you might have termites in your home.

  1. What should I do if I find a termite poop?

The first thing you can do is to call pest control near your location so they can do inspections. Termite dropping is strong evidence and it shows that you have termites in your home. Also, damaged wood can be a sign as well.

  1. How long does it take termites to damage a house?

It depends on the situation how many termites and their eggs are in your home. It takes about two years to do a lot of damage. According to a survey, USA citizens spend $2 billion per year to cover the termite damage. It can be covered and less expensive if you take action early. If you find any termite drooping or wood damage immediately call the termite election team or use DIY solutions.

  1. How do I kill termites in my house?

Sodium borate and borax powder are termite killers. A washing powder can also kill the termite. Washing powder is a DIY solution to kill a termite. You can use direct washing powder or spray washing powder and water mixture. You can also use some products made to kill termites for example Taurus SC, Bifen XTS, Spectracide Terminate, and Termidor Foam.

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