Termite Larvae: 8 Secrets Methods of How to Get Rid of Them?

Termite Larvae: 8 Secrets Methods of How to Get Rid of Them?

Termite larvae are immature termites or you can call them baby termites. The larva is a word that is used for immature insects. Termite is an insect and immature termite called termite larvae. Larvae are a plural form of the larva.

Termite larvae or baby termites are not deadly but destructive to your house. Therefore, you need to identify it so you can prevent your house from destruction.

Termite Larvae and How to Get Rid of Them

According to a survey US citizens spend $2 billion yearly to cover the termite damage. Termite larvae are often found in wooden floors and walls and they take wood as their food. Approximately it can take 10 to 15-pound wood weekly. Now, you can imagine how they can destroy your house within days. Thus, you must do something if you identify it in the house.

What do Termite Larvae Look Like?

Termite larvae are very small in size. Often people confuse it with other insect larvae. You can see it in the picture so you can easily identify them. The larvae of termites are white in color and look like small white beans.

Termite Larvae Size:

Termite larvae are just about the size of a termite egg. They gradually grow after hatching and workers help them grow and arrange their food. Baby termites or immature termites are about 2.5mm long and mature termites are about 7mm long and reproductive termites are 12 mm long in size.

Mature termites took care of termite larvae until they grow mature and play their role in their colony. All the termites have their own role in the colony some are workers and some are soldiers. Only the queen and king of termites are responsible for reproduction.

Termite Larvae Cycle

Termite Larvae Stages:

Reproductive termite males and females start building colonies. Female reproductive termites lay eggs that hatch in 2 weeks. Reproductive males and females are the king and queen of the colony. Immature termites grow and become soldiers or workers and that cycle runs again and again and they keep building their colonies. Termite workers arrange food for them and help them grow until they mature. Soldier termite protects termite larvae.


Termite eggs are very small. It looks like a white powder. A termite queen can lay 1000 eggs in a day. The eggs hatch in two weeks. The termite larvae actually recently hatch eggs or you can say a baby termite. The size of an egg and the size of a termite larva are almost the same at the start but it grows gradually.


After the eggs hatch, larvae or baby termites start to grow; workers grow immature termites and take care of them. After a larva becomes mature it becomes termite.

Termite larvae stages


There are three types of termites, workers, soldiers, and reproductive. Workers work to build colonies. Soldiers protect colonies and reproductive lay eggs and grow termite colonies.

Termite eggs

Termite eggs are the root of termite colonies. Therefore, termites took special care of their eggs. The queen is responsible for laying termite eggs. Only one termite queen can lay millions of eggs in her life span. A queen can live up to 25 years and in her life, she can build more than 30 colonies. Furthermore, a queen can lay a thousand eggs a day. The eggs of termites are very small in size and they take 10 to 15 days to hatch. The termite eggs are very tiny and together eggs look like white powder.

Termite eggs

Termite larvae and wood:

Termites have deep connections with wood. They eat wood and can destroy your wooden walls, floors, cabinets, furniture, etc. Termite larvae cannot eat on their own. Termites eat wood and then feed termite larvae. You can see termite larvae images and get an idea if you have termite larvae or eggs or mature termites in your house.

If the wooden stuff of your house starts damaging then you must start inspection and see if it is damaged by termites? If it is damaging because of termites then read our solutions to get rid of termites.

Termite Larvae

Termite larvae in the house:

Termite larvae can be damaging to the wooden stuff in your house. They can grow in days and give damage to your house. If you have termite larvae in your house then you must need to get rid of them. But before, you need to identify termite larvae in your house.

The simple way to identify the termites is to check the wood if it is damaged then there are chances that you have unwanted guests in your house but before you must go through termite larvae photos and the damaged wood photos as well so you can judge if you have termite or not because wood can be damaged because of several reasons.

Termite larvae vs. maggots:

Termite larvae are very similar and look like maggots. They are small in size and white in color just like maggots. A maggot is a larva of a common fly. Although the larvae of termites and maggots look similar mature termites and flies look completely different. Termite larvae look like mature termites. On the other hand, a maggot looks completely different than a fly.

Carpenter ant larvae vs. termite larvae:

The main difference between termite larvae and carpenter ant larvae is that the carpenter ant larvae have an abdomen and it won’t have an abdomen. Otherwise, both larvae have heads and thorax. Termite larvae cannot have their food on their own. Mature termite helps larvae to have food. Termites have longer wings than carpenter ants. Because termites cannot fly, their wings mostly break. If you have termites in your house you might have seen their wings as well. Mostly you can find wings near the place where they are hidden.

Termite larvae vs. ant larvae:

Termite larvae look like mature termites. You can say they are the smaller version of mature termites but on the other hand, ant larvae look completely different than the ant. The larvae of an ant look like a small white tube just like a piece of rice. Gradually, ant larvae get arms and legs and look like a completely different species when they grow. Termite larvae look the same at a young age and mature age as well.

Subterranean termite larvae:

Termites always look for a safe place for their termite larvae and it can be Subterranean. You can get rid of subterranean termite larvae and for that, you have to inject termiticide into the soil. It will help you to keep your home safe from subterranean termite larvae.

What do Termite Larvae eat?

Like all other termites, larvae eat wood as well. Although young termites are very immature that they cannot eat on their own, mature termite workers help them eat. This is why it is harmful to the wooden stuff of your house.

Termite larvae caste

There are three castes of termite larvae, worker, soldiers, and reproductive. When they mature they will become workers, soldiers, or reproductive. Most of them become workers because they play a very important role to build a colony. They make nests and feed immature termites. Furthermore, it depends on the need of a colony. If a colony needs soldiers then immature termites become soldiers. The reproductive termites are very few in the colony. Male and female reproductive termites mate and lay eggs. Soldiers protect the eggs and workers do the rest.

The caste of them is commonly divided into two parts, sterile and fertile. The sterile caste includes workers and soldiers and the fertile caste includes reproductive.

Where you can find termite larvae?

Termite larva is very small in size and difficult to see with the naked eye but together you can see them. The workers of termites dig deep and make nests in a secure place so larvae can be protected. Termites prefer to keep their larvae in wooden stuff. Most of the time they prefer damp wood so they can have moisture as well.

How do termite larvae colonies start to build?

The first time when a queen lays eggs, it keeps the eggs in the royal chamber after eggs start hatching and larvae become mature they start to build new nests. Colonies can grow fast because a queen can lay 1000 eggs a day. As the colony grows the termite workers make new nests and dig deep in the soil. A queen can build more than 30 colonies in her life spam and it will keep growing until you get rid of it.

Termite larvae identification:

There are different ways to identify them in your house. Identification is very important to get rid of termites. Never confuse termites’ larvae with other insect larvae. These are usually very small and look like small white color tubes. Let’s see how you can identify termite larvae.

Mud tube:

Termite makes mud tubes and travels from one colony to another colony if you see mud tubes in your house on walls or on your floor then there are chances that you have termite larvae in your house. You can break these mud tubes and you will find termites. Also, you can follow these mud tubes and reach their different colonies.

Knock the wooden wall:

Take something hard like a screwdriver or hammer and hit it on the wooden wall or floor. Listen to the sound of the wall. If you feel the wood has holes in it then there is a chance that you have termite larvae in your house.

Damage wood:

Damage wood is an identification that you might have in your house. Make sure not only termites use wood as their food. Other insects use wood for different purposes. look for the termite larvae photos and eaten wood photos so you can compare them and find if you have termite larvae in your house or any other insects.

Termite dropping:

If you have seen termites dropping in your house you might have termite larvae. Termite dropping looks like little pieces of sand. It is also known as Frass and pellets mostly dropping of termites are brown and black in color.

Hire examiner:

The professional way to identify termite larvae in your house is by hiring a professional. Many agencies are working who can examine and help you get rid of termites. You can contact any nearby pest control and they will examine.

How to get rid of termite larvae:

Termite Larvae

There are different ways to get rid of termite larvae. We have divided it into two major procedures, natural and professional.

Natural ways to get rid of termite larvae:

In these ways, we will use natural and household products to get rid of termite larvae. Both natural and professional ways are affected and proven.


Mix vinegar in water and add lemon in it and your termite killer is ready. Fill your spray bottle and spray it on the suspected areas of termites. Whenever termites contact the mixture they will die. Make sure you do it almost every day until you see that there is no termite left in your house. Vinegar has an acidic substance in it that kills termites.

Lemon and orange oil

The orange oil is mostly taken from the peel of orange and lemon oil taken from the peel of lemon which is deadly oil for termites. You can spray the oil directly on the areas where you see the termites. Sprays regularly and it will kill termites and stop letting them build their colonies in your house.

Washing powder

Washing powder is the most available household in our house. It can also kill termites. Mix washing powder in water and spray it on the areas where you suspect termites. Also, you can spray it in the holes of your walls and floors so if any termite colony is hidden it will destroy.


Sunlight is deadly for termites. They cannot survive in the heat. If you have furniture or any other movable wooden stuff you can put it in sunlight and termite will die naturally after two-three days of heavy sunlight you can put the furniture back in your house.

Professional ways to get rid of termite larvae:

The professional ways to kill larvae might be a little expensive but they can make your house termite-free. Furthermore, it is not more expensive than your house so even if it takes a little bit of your money you can save your house from destruction.

Call pest control

Contacting pest control is the most professional way to get rid of termites because they know everything about termites and other insects. Also, they are equipped with professional tools. So if you have any pest control near you, contact them and they will do the rest of your work.

Termite Larvae

Use termite killers

If you would not like to contact pest control then we recommend buying products and tools to kill termites. There are many termite larvae killers in the market. You can buy them and use them according to the given instruction. Most of the termite killers are not made with any deadly acids for humans but still always use gloves. If it is convenient, we would suggest buying some tools as well with termite killer so you can use them professionally.

Set a trap

As we know termites like wood and moisture, Take a cardboard and wet it and set it near a place where you are suspecting termites. They will come on the board and you can kill them with different things.

Prevention of termite larvae:

Prevention is best. Instead of finding ways to get rid of termites, why don’t we do prevention?. Always have proper ventilation in your home. Let the sunlight and air come into your home. Also, try not to make the wooden stuff wet because of termites like moisture and wood. Contact with any pest control while constructing a new house. Pest control will give you ideas on how you can make your house termite-free forever.

Termite Larvae

People also Asks:

Do termite larvae look like maggots?

Yes, termite larvae are very similar and look like maggots. They are small in size and white in color. Furthermore, it looks like mature termites but on the other side, maggots look completely different than their adult flies. However, they both look similar but they eventually change their look when they become mature. But yes its larvae and maggots look similar to the naked eye.

How do I know if I have termite larvae?

Termite larvae are hard to find because they are very tiny in the size and deep in the wall, floor, or furniture. If you see termites in your home then there are a lot of chances that you might have it as well. Damaged wood or termites drooping are two major signs of it. A queen termite can lay 1000 eggs at once and these eggs take approximately 2 weeks to hatch. They are about the size of termite eggs. They are white in color and tiny. Also, you can see termite larvae images so you can get the ideas.

What do you do if you find termite larvae?

You can call pest control so they can come and make your home termite larvae free. Or you can also do some stuff on your own. Sodium borate and borax powder are termite killers and they can kill it as well. You can also use washing powder to kill it. Take a water bottle and mix washing powder in it and spray where you see it. Also, there are termite killer sprays as well in the market you can also use, for example, Taurus SC, Bifen XTS, Spectracide Terminate, and Termidor Foam.

 What are the signs of termites in your home?

Damaged wood and termite drooping are the signs of termites in your home. Termites grow rapidly and they protect their eggs and larvae. So whenever you know that you have termite larvae contact any pest control or apply DIY solutions.

What is the best way to get rid of termites in your house?

You can do different stuff to get rid of termites. You can call pest control so they can visit and help you get rid of termites. Or you can apply DIY solutions as well. Washing powder is a very common household; you can take water mix washing powder in it, and spray where you find termites. Also, there are some termite killer products in the market which you can use and kill termites.

Do termites bite humans?

Termites are not deadly but yes they can bite on the human body. There is no news until now that a person died because of termites. If you are trying to kill termites on your own, always wear gloves because you might have an allergy otherwise it is not deadly.

Do termites die in the winter?

Termites know how to keep themselves safe. Even it’s winter or summer they find ways to keep themselves in a favorable environment. They can move from one place to another place. However, if they can’t find shelter where they can get a proper environment so they can die in the freezing wintertime.

What are the brown worms in my house?

It might be millipedes or centipedes you see in your home. They look like small brown and greyish worms. To get rid of it you need to clean your home and fill the gaps and holes from where they come. Or you can use worm killer products that are available in the market.

Do termites eat worms?

Termites usually use wood as their food but yes their soldiers can fight with other insects to protect their colonies.

Where do termites lay their eggs?

Termite queens lay eggs in a safe place. it can be deep in the wall or floor. The workers can also move termite eggs if they find that the eggs are not safe. If you find termite drooping or damage wood then there is a chance of termite eggs or termite larvae in your home.


Hope you can identify Termite larvae in your house. If you find any symptoms of it apply a DIY solution or call pest control so you can prevent your house from damage. Also, if you see any wooden stuff getting damaged then start an inspection on your own according to this article so you can do something. Otherwise, many pest control companies provide free examinations. If you are using any DIY solution always wear gloves.

Although termites are not deadly, the soldiers of termites can bite. Their bite cannot transfer any disease. Gloves are important for any type of cleaning, even killing termites. If you get the information you want about it then share this information with your friends as well so they can prevent their houses as well. Also, write us back if you need any other information about termite larvae.

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