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Termite Tenting: 10 Facts of Termite Tenting Service and its Cost

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Termite tenting is the most effective method of removing termites. Although there are alternatives to tenting for termites, tenting is important for severe infestations.

Not all termite infestations need tenting treatment. If the infestation is not a lot then there are other solutions as well which you can do and get rid of termites.

Termite Tenting

Before any decision, contact with termite control service and let them examine. If the termite infestation is not severe there are other solutions as well. You can do an examination on your and for that, you can read our articles which will explain how you can do the examination and get rid of termites.

Tent termite treatment is a little more expensive than other methods. But it is a very successful treatment of infestation. The cost of termite infestation varies according to the size of the structure.

Termite Tenting Process:

We have divided the termite tenting process into three steps. So it will be easier for you to understand all the termite tenting procedures and we will try to explain in the easiest words so you can understand each and everything about termite tenting.

Examination for Termites:

First, when you call pest control they come and do the examination. They check the size of the infestation. After, if it is needed to do the tenting treatment they tell and give you expenses information as well. Not all the time pest control suggests tenting. They only suggest tenting when it is needed.

Tenting for Termites:

After you agree to the tenting, the pest company will give you the list of things you have to do before termite tenting. Pest control covers all structures with a tent and starts the treatment and treatment can take a few hours or sometimes days. It depends on the size of the structure and infestation of how much time tenting will take. After the tenting, termite exterminators start fumigation and make sure they kill all the termites in the procedure.

After Fumigation:

When the treatment is done the company takes the tent away and examines the structure. Most of the companies also follow up to make sure they have done their work. People often ask about how long fumigation is safe so it is safe when the company removes the tent and does the examination of their work. In our suggestion after the treatment, you just need to make your house properly ventilated and clean and often do the inspection on your own and if you find termites immediately use termite killers so they stop spreading to your house otherwise there will be a need for tenting again. Let us give you a hint on how often you should treat your house to termites. Well the tenting is a good procedure to kill termites and it is successful but nobody can give you a hundred percent guarantee that termites will not come again. So the company will remove termites but it can come later again. Usually, after tenting you can relax for 3 to 4 years.

Termite Tenting Service And Cost.

Termite Tenting Preparation:

Before termite tenting, there are some basic and important preparations that you must do before tenting. Moreover, termite tenting companies always explain the preparation before tenting. Also, the termite company will provide a fumigation preparation checklist.

  1.  Keep Important Thing and Unlock the Rest:

It is important in the fumigation process that the gas which kills the termites can go and reach the infected places so it can kill termites. Unlock all the doors, windows, and cabinets. And seal or keep the important stuff because the company will not be responsible for the missing stuff.

  1. Check the List Which Must Not There During Fumigation:

Some things can be infected because of fumigation. The company will give you a list of things that must not be there in the structure while fumigating some important things such as any pet, plants, or food products. Furthermore, often people ask about termite tenting health risks, so yes it is risky to health. Therefore, you have to leave the house for a few days. Sulfuryl fluoride is a gas that is used in a fumigation process that can infect birds, plants, animals, and fishes, So you must take them as well. Also, you can look at the fumigation preparation checklist. It will help you to be prepared for termite tenting.

  1. Seal the Stuff Which You Cannot Take with You:

Seal the stuff which you are not willing to take with you like food and medication. During the fumigation process, all the structures will be filled with gas which can affect things.

  1. Find A Place Where You Can Stay During the Treatment:

Sometimes the tenting might take a few days so for that time period you have to arrange a place to stay. Also, termite tenting is not dangerous to neighbors. If it can affect neighbors, the company will inform you. Furthermore, the structure will be covered with a tent and the gas can not affect houses nearby.

How Much Does Termite Tenting Cost:

Termite tenting cost depends on the size of the structure and infestation. Normally the company charges $1 to $5 per sq foot.  The cost of a complete structure can be $1000 to $3000. Let the termite control service do the examination. Sometimes they may use other methods to kill termites. The company will give you the exact figure of how much it will cost for you to do the tenting on your structure.

Termite Tenting Cost

Termite Tenting Companies:

There are different companies around the world providing tenting services for termites. You can search termite tenting near me to get the companies information in your area. The following are a few companies serving in the USA in different cities.

Termite Tenting San Diego:

Termite Tenting Miami:

Termite Tenting Tampa:

People Also Asks:

  1. What Needs to Be Removed When Tenting for Termites?

There are some necessities you must remove when tenting for termites such as food and pets. Also, pest control will inform you to remove stuff that can be infected while doing the tenting for termites. You can pack the stuff while fumigation and make sure it is properly sealed. Moreover, you can take stuff out from the structure until the fumigations or tenting process is done.

  1. How Long Does A Tent for Termites Last?

There are different factors before you can tell how long tenting for termites lasts. It can take 12 hours to one week. It all depends on structure size, the dosage of fumigation, and temperature. Pest control will tell you the time period and you just need to follow them. Otherwise, it can infect you and your staff. Also, make sure to pack, seal or remove the stuff that can be infected because of fumigation such as pets, food, and other material.

  1. How Much Does It Cost to Tent for Termites?

The cost to tent a structure for termites can be $1000 to $3000. Furthermore, the cost depends on the size of the infestation. Pest control charge per square and the cost per square foot can be $1 to $5. Also, you can bargain with pest control as well if you have a large size of infestation in your house. Make sure, not all the houses need tenting for termites. It will be needed if the infestation is severe in your house.

  1. Is Tenting for Termites Necessary?

It is necessary if your house has a severe infestation. Otherwise, there are many other procedures that any pest control does to kill termites. Also, there are DIY solutions as well that you can do and get rid of termites on your own. Moreover, if the infestation of termites or any other insect is severe then tenting will be necessary for your house.

  1. Do You Have to Wash Clothes After Termite Fumigation?

Clothes usually do not get affected by the fumigation process. Furthermore, consult with termite control they will inform you what to remove while fumigation. It is better and safe to remove stuff or pack them while fumigation or you can also wash clothes after fumigation and clean all other stuff.

  1. Do Termites Come Back After Tenting?

Yes, as termites are the hardest pest to get rid of they can be back after tenting. Moreover, you can take precautions and avoid termites from coming back into your house. Thus, always try to have proper ventilation in your house after the termite treatment and keep your house clean as much as possible. Also, avoid moisture in the house and immediately repair if you have any leakage of water in your house.

  1. Can You Treat Termites Without Tenting?

Yes, there are many other ways other than tenting for termites. Pest control usually does tent if the house has severe pest infection. There are DIY solutions as well to get rid of termites also there is termite killer spray that you can use and kill termites on your own.

  1. Does Tenting A House for Termites Really Work?

Tenting is a very effective way to get rid of termites and it really works. It is a little more expensive than other methods but for severe infection, it is an effective method and almost kills 100% of termites.

  1. Is Termite Damage Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

Insurance only covers accidental damage and the damage done by termites is not accidental other than it written on the insurance policy. Usually, homeowner insurance does not cover termite damage.

  1. Can I Spray for Termites Myself?

Yes, you can spray for termites yourself. There are many termites killers available in markets. Also, you can make your own one as well.

Termite Tenting Cost & Time


Termite tenting is a little expensive method to get rid of termites but it is a very effective method for a severe infection of termites. The cost of tenting depends on the size of the structure; it can be $1 to $5 per square foot. Furthermore, always follow the instruction of pest control before tenting and pack or seal the stuff which can be affected because of termites. And last but not least people most of the time complain that they get termites back even after tenting so if you don’t want termites to come back into your house try to clean the house and maintain proper ventilation. Also, you can install bait stations to prevent termite return in the house. If this article helps you then share the information with others as well. Also, if you have any other questions and special situations related to termites then write us back and we will try to help you.

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