Termites Vs Ants Comparison & 10 Hidden Facts About Them

Termites Vs Ants Comparison & 10 Hidden Facts About Them

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Comparison between termites vs ants will help you to identify termites and ants so you can get rid of them. Termite damage can cost billions of dollars On the other hand ants damage is not less than millions of dollars. Therefore, you have to get rid of these two destructive pests if you find them in your house.

Carpenter ants and termites are very destructive to the wooden stuff of your house. They can consume ponds of wood just in weeks. Nobody likes any pests in the house. Thus, sometimes it is necessary to take action on time to get rid of pests when they are extremely destructive to the house such as termites and carpenter ants.

There is a difference between termites vs ants. This comparison will help you distinguish between the two so that you can eliminate pests.

Termites Vs Ants Difference:

Termites Vs Ants

Most of the time people confuse termites with ants because they look very similar at first glance. Although when you examine them closely there are some differences.

If you see ants or termites pictures you will see some clear differences. First, they both have antennas but termites have straight antennas and on the other hand, ants have elbow antennas. Also, they both have four wings but termites have equal size wings and ants have two big and two small wings. The Third and very big difference is their shape. Ants have pinched stomachs and termites have thick stomachs.

If we talk about colors then termites are usually white and brown in color. Mostly, worker termites are lighter in color and reproductive termites are darker in color. Ant has different colors, sometimes it is black and sometimes red.

Termites Vs Ants Comparison:

Termite Vs Carpenter Ant:

Flying Termite vs winged ant or flying ant, carpenter ant also known as winged ant and flying ant. Both Termite and carpenter ants are destructive to the wooden stuff of your house. Termites can do destruction more rapidly than carpenter ants because termites use wood as their food on the other hand carpenter ants use wood to build their nests.

Termite Vs Carpenter Ant

Termite Frass Vs. Carpenter Ant Frass:

An ant’s frass is usually larger, heavier, and contains bits and pieces of other ants. Termite droppings are usually black and yellowish in color, depending on what type of food they eat. And their frass looks like sawdust.

Termite Vs. Carpenter Ant Damage:

Termites can do more damage than carpenter ants. US citizens spend billions of dollars to cover the termite damage. And they spend hundreds of millions of dollars to cover the carpenter ant damage. Carpenter ants are less damaging because they do not use wood as their food, they only build nests.

In conclusion, termite vs. ant damage, the termites win.

Ant Vs. Termite Identification:

People often ask do termites have wings. So yes, termites also have wings just like carpenter ants but their wings are a little different than an ant. They both have four wings but termite wings are straight and the ant has two small and two large wings. Furthermore, termite antennae are straight and ant antennas are elbow shape. The waste of termites is usually thicker and the waste of ants is usually pinched.

Termites vs ants are often confused because they look very similar at first glance. However, they have some differences. 

Ants Vs. Termites War:

Some species of ants such as predator ants eat termites as their food. Termite soldiers defend themselves but ants win most of the time. Ants do not eat termites directly. They bring termites to their nest and give them to their larvae. The larvae of ants break termites then the queen and worker all eat termites. Termites Vs Ants can be explained as some species of ants eats termites.

Termite Larvae Vs. Ant Larvae:

Termite and ant larvae are the babies of termites and ants. The Ant larvae can eat on their own but termite larvae cannot. Therefore, worker termites help larvae to eat. In the beginning, the larvae of both species look the same, but with time, ant larvae become different with age, while termite larvae look the same as they grow.

Ant Swarmers Vs. Termite Swarmers:

Ant Swarmers Vs. Termite Swarmers

Ant swarmers and termite swarmers are the winged pests who leave their colonies to mate and start their own colonies. Normally, swarmers are bigger in size than the normal termites and ants. The difference between ant swarmer and termite swarmers is their shape. Otherwise, both swarmers are the reproductive of their colonies.

Termite Wings Vs. Ant Wings:

Termite and ant swarmers use their wings and leave colonies to build their own colonies. Termites and ants both have four wings. Termite wings are equal in size and ant wings are different in size.

People Also Asks:

  1. Do I have termites or ants?

To determine whether your pest is an ant or a termite, there are a few differences. Termites and ants both have four wings. The termite has equal wings and the ant has two small wings and two large wings. Furthermore, termites have straight antennas and ants have elbow antennas. Also, ant waste is pinched while termite waste is thick.

  1. Can Termites be mistaken for ants?

Yes, termites can be mistaken for ants because, with a naked eye, termites might look similar to ants. However, there are differences. Termite wings, antennas, and poop are different from ants. Look for the ant and termite images and you will have clear differences.

  1. How do you tell if it’s a termite?

Few things can clear if it is termite. Termites usually have soft bodies and straight antennas. They are white and brown in color. Worker termites usually in light color on the other hand swarms will be darker in color. If you want to identify termites in the house then there are few signs such as mud tubes, termite drooping, hollowed or damaged wood.

  1. What kills termites instantly?

There are many things but boric acid is one of the best termite killers. Also, Termidor is good at killing termites. If we talk about household products that can kill termites then orange oil and tide soap mixed in water can be a good DIY termite killer.

  1. Do termites go away on their own?

NO, termites don’t leave on their own. They will be in the house with you until they get wood to feed their colonies. Therefore, you have to adopt different methods to get rid of termites. Call a pest control company or use a DIY method to get rid of termites. Remember, if you get rid of termites once then there are chances that they might come back again in your house. Thus, you must prevent termites from returning once they are killed.

  1. What attracts termites in the house?

A place with less ventilation and moisture is a perfect place for termites. Also, leaking pipes and seams in the house attract termites as well. Therefore, always repair water and drainage pipes if there is any leakage and maintain proper ventilation in the house. Furthermore, always consult with specialists before constructing a new structure so you can be safe in the future from termites and other pests.

  1. How do you tell if termites are active in your house?

You need to do some inspection in your house before you tell if there are termites or not. Termite dropping, mud tubes, hollowed or damaged wood can be the signs of termites in your house. There are pest control companies around the world that offer free inspection.

  1. How do you know if termites are in your walls?

There are few things that you can do to know that you have termites on your wall. Take something like a hammer and tab wall if it sounds hollow then there might be a chance you have termites in your wall. Also, if you see drooping near the wall or mud tube on the wall then it is also the sign of termites in your wall.

  1. Are termites hard to get rid of?

Yes, termites are the hardest pest to get rid of termites. Also, they are one of the most destructive as well. Sometime after the treatment termites come back into the house. Therefore, after the treatment plan and implement precautions so you get rid of termites permanently.

  1. Should I knock down termite tubes?

Knocking down a termite tube is not a solution to get rid of termites. You can knock down the termite tube and after a few days, you will see that they will build the tube again. Therefore, do not knock down the tube until you have a treatment plan.


If we do termites vs ants comparison, there is one common thing we will get that they both are destructive to your house and nobody likes to see them in their houses. Also, they both have different capacities, behavior, nature, and looks. At the first glance with a naked eye, they might look similar. We hope, with our comparison you got the difference between these two pests. Furthermore, if you have both of them in your house then tenting fumigation is a good treatment for them. Fumigation will kill both of them. Write back if you have any other questions. We would love to answer you and solve your problem.

Ant Vs. Termite

Termites vs ants are often confused due to the similarity between their appearances. On closer examination, however, they differ somewhat. Termites Vs ants are different. This comparison will help you determine which are which so that you can remove them.

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