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What Is Termite Fumigation? [The Hidden Guide About it]

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Termite fumigation is a very effective method to kill termites. It kills other bugs and pests as well from the structure. Furthermore, if you have a severe infestation in your home then fumigation can help you to get rid of the infestation.

The fumigation process kills termites; it doesn’t prevent termites. Therefore, after fumigation, you must do preventions so you do not have unwanted guests again in your house.

Termite Fumigation

Also, there are no termite fumigation side effects for humans. It is a safe process but there are some precautions. All the pest control companies give you a list to prepare a house before fumigation.

Remember, fumigation is for severe infestation. If your house, office, or any other structure does not have any severe infestation then there are other treatments as well to kill termites. 

When You Need Termite Fumigation?

As there are different treatments for different diseases, there are different treatments for different infestations. You will need fumigation if your house has a severe infestation. If you have miner infestation in your home then there are other treatments. Also, with a minor infestation, you can use DIY solutions for termites.

Termite Fumigation

Most pest control companies offer free examinations. Search for a termite company near me and Let the company examine first and then decide whether you need fumigation or not. It is an expensive method than other methods to get rid of termites so if there is less infection of termites in your house then go for other treatments such as termite killer spray.

Termite Fumigation Preparation:

How to prepare for termite fumigation? Well preparing for termite fumigation is easy. Don’t go for the myths, All the termite control companies share the preparation plan before fumigation. Let’s discuss some important things about preparation.

Some things can affect fumigation such as pets, plants, medicine, and food items. Things such as furniture, toys, bedding, mattress, towels, do not get affected by fumigation. Most of the companies use vikane gas as termite fumigation gas. It is a very affected gas to kill pests and it is the most suggested gas by professionals. The gas is not dangerous to furniture, mattress, carpets, etc.

Termite Fumigation Preparation

Myths About Termite Fumigation:

  • Termite Fumigation Health Risks:

All the pest control companies share all the things which need to be done before fumigation after that there will be no health risk for humans. Yes, there are precautions you must take such as seal or remove food items, medicine, and take plants and pets away from the fumigation area.

  • Change or Wash Mattress After Fumigation:

Things like mattresses, furniture do not affect because of fumigation. You do not need to do anything with them while fumigation, but you need to vacuum and clean the house after fumigation.

  • Termite fumigation preparation clothing:

What to do with clothes during termite fumigation? Normally, clothes do not affect because of fumigation. But for the safety and peace of your mind, you can pack your clothes before fumigation or wash your clothes after fumigation.

  • Termite Fumigation Side Effects:

The termite fumigation gas is effective and kills pests in your house but there are no side effects of it. Yes, there are precautions that you must take before fumigations to be safe.

What to Do Before and After Termite Fumigation

What to Do Before Fumigation?

There are things you must do for termite fumigation safety. First, you need to pack or remove eating stuff and drugs from the structure. Second, you need to move plants and pets from the structure. Third, follow the instruction of pest control and pack all the stuff which can be affected.

After safety things are done, open all the doors, windows, and cabinets so the gas can go everywhere in your house. Furthermore, pack all the important and expensive stuff because the company will not be responsible if anything is misplaced.

Now the final thing, find a place to live for a while during fumigation. These are the basic things that almost all people do for termite tenting preparation.

What to Do After Fumigation?

Cleaning after tenting for termites is important. Cleaning your home after fumigation can ensure that no chemicals remain in your house, and it will also ensure that dead pests are not up there. Get rid of these dead bugs by opening windows and doors in the house before you begin the cleaning process.

As we know the termite tent fumigation kills the termites, but it does not prevent termites. Therefore, follow pest control instructions and do things to prevent termites. Otherwise, you will get termites again in your house.

Termite Fumigation Cost

How much does termite fumigation cost? Termite fumigation is a little expensive process to get rid of termites but if there is a severe infestation in the structure then it is one of the best processes. The cost depends on the size of the structure; normally the cost can go up to $1000 to $3000. Pest control companies charge per sq foot. The cost per sq foot can be from $1 to $5. These are expected costs, your cost can be less than that or can be more than that according to the structure and charges of the pest control company.

Termite Fumigation

People Also Asks:

  1. When do termites fly?

Some termites fly in the fall months and some fly in the spring season. Drywood termites and some species of subterranean termites mostly fly in the fall months. Furthermore, Not all termites fly, only a few termites fly and they fly for a short time period.

  1. How effective is fumigation for termites?

Fumigation is an effective process to kill termites. But there is no guarantee that you will not have termites in your structure after fumigation. Fumigation is an effective treatment but it is to kill termites not to prevent termites. Therefore, after the fumigation, you need to have prevention as well so you can prevent termites in the future.

  1. What needs to be removed when tenting for termites?

First, you need to remove all medicines and foods when tenting for termites. Then, you need to remove your plants from the fumigation area and make sure to bring your pets along with you while fumigating. The pest control company will give you a checklist that you should follow before fumigation. If you cannot remove some of the stuff according to the checklist, then make sure you seal them so fumigation won’t affect them.

  1. Can you fumigate termites?

Fumigation for termites is recommended for severe infestation. In this process, a professional pest control company does the tenting and releases a gas that can go deep into the structure and kill termites.

  1. How long does termite fumigation last?

Termite fumigation lasts normally for three days. But days can increase or decrease according to the size of the structure. The first day is normally a tenting day when pest control companies cover the structure with a tent. 2nd day normally a fumigation day and the third day is a tent removing day.

  1. Does fumigation kill everything?

Fumigation can kill termites, and it is also effective in killing other kinds of bugs and pests. Furthermore, you should always follow the pest control company guideline before fumigation. Also, remove medicine, food items, pets, and plants before fumigation because they can be affected.

  1. Can I sleep in my house after fumigation?

During a fumigation, you can not stay in the fumigation area. Also, you need to take your pets and plant as well. Furthermore, remove or seal your food items and medicine before fumigation. When the fumigation is done, the pest control company will give you a green signal so you can go and live in your house without termites and other bugs.

  1. How do I prepare my house for fumigation?

All the pest control companies will provide you a list of things you must do before fumigation. The checklist will help you to be prepared. Food items, medicine, any eating things, living things such as plants and pets must be removed before fumigation because they can be affected.

  1. Do I need to remove clothes for fumigation?

The fumigation does not affect clothes but still for safety you can keep your clothes seal while fumigation or wash after the fumigation. 


Termite fumigation is an effective treatment for termites. Moreover, the fumigation process kills termites, it does not prevent termites. Therefore, after fumigation, you must adopt preventions so you can prevent your house from termites. Also, always follow the instructions of the termite control company and prepare your home for fumigation. Medicine, food items, pets, and plants must be removed from the structure while the fumigation.

Do not try fumigation on your own. Let the pest control or professional do the fumigation for you. You can try other DIY solutions to kill termites but the tenting or fumigation for termites can be dangerous if you do it on your own. If you have any other questions about fumigation please write us back and we will do our best to guide you and give you the best solution.

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