What Is Termite Poop & What to Do If You Find It in Your House?

What Is Termite Poop & What to Do If You Find It in Your House?

Termite poop has several names, such as termite dropping, frass, or pellets. However, the termite poop itself is not harmful or dangerous, but it is the sign of termites in your house, and they can slowly ruin it.

Termite poop closely resembles sand. Its color varies depending on the type of wood that they are consuming. Normally, the color of termite poop is black and brown as you can see in termite dropping photos.

What Is Termite Poop?

However, if you find termite dropping but no termites, you may see something other than termite dropping. It happens, most of the time people can be confused with termites poop since it looks like sand or dust, or even mud. Furthermore, termite dropping and other insect dropping are very similar, so you may have seen other insects dropping.

Termite Poop Comparison with Other Similar Dropping

Termite poop looks like many other things and it is similar to many other insects dropping, let us compare so you will be able to identify whether it is termite dropping or something else.

Termite Droppings Vs. Ant Dropping:

Ant dropping is very similar to termite dropping. Carpenter ants can also build their nests in wood. They are destructive to your wooden house structure, but not as much as termites. They both use wood, thus their droppings appear similar. Make sure you look at the termite poop picture and the ant dropping picture as well. This helps you determine if you are seeing termite or ant dropping.

Termite Droppings Vs. Ant Dropping

Termite Droppings and Sawdust

Many people clean termite droppings from the house while considering them to be sawdust. This happens because they both look similar at first glance. The poop of a termite is similar to dust in many different ways except for the fact that it is different in shape and color. The termite droppings have a six-sided shape and the colors often vary.

Subterranean Vs. Drywood Termite Droppings

Subterranean termites and drywood termites are different types of termites. Both would be destructive to your home. drywood termites droop their poop outside and it is usually completely dry on the other hand subterranean termites try to keep the poop dropping and use it for creating their nests. Look closely at the poop to see if it belongs to a drywood termite or subterranean termite. drywood termite poop will be dry and subterranean termite poop will be wet.

Termite Wings Dropping

In addition, termite wings dropping is another type of termite droppings. In the termite dropping image, you will also see termite wings. The wings are light yellow in color and look like a broken nail. They are light in weight and can fly to different places in your home. If you see termite wings in your house, then it is proof that you have termites in your house. As the termites grow, their wings also grow, but they don’t use them for flying that’s why wings break and fall.

Termite Poop

Where Can You Find Termite Poop?

You can find termite poop in different places of your house. It depends on what place you have termites. Most commonly people find termite poop in Window and Door Sills, Wooden Porches, Basements, Crawl spaces, storage rooms, and isolated corners. If you find termite poop on in windows or door sills, you should examine the whole room. If you find termites on your ceiling, check the ceiling and do the termite treatment there. To treat termites, you can apply remedies such as washing powder or lemon oil mixture or purchase a termite killer and spray it on the termite’s area.

Where Can You Find Termite Poop?

How to Prevent Termite Dropping?

You can prevent termites from dropping in your house by properly ventilating your house. Termites make their colonies in places high in moisture and low in air and sunlight, for example, areas in storage rooms and basements. Also, fix the leaking water lines in your house. It spreads moisture in the ceiling and walls which is good for termites. And the final and best thing is to keep cleaning your house, do not let anything like the cabinet or room be closed for a long time. If you do let them close for a long time it will be the invitation for termites to build their colonies. So always keep cleaning and do not let the room’s door or cabinet close for a long time.

How to Stop Termite Droppings?

If you find termite poop in your house, start to examine, and find their colonies so you can do the treatment. There are pest control agencies that provide free examinations. Furthermore, you can call any pest control so they can do a proper examination and do the treatment as well. Also, you can read our blogs so you can examine your own and do the treatment. Washing powder, lemon oil are the two most common households that kill termites, and they are proven as well. Also, you can buy termite killers from the market and kill termites according to the given instructions.

Is Termite Poop Dangerous?

Termites poop itself is not dangerous. You can clean it just like dust. But you need to know the thing you’re cleaning is dust or termite dropping because dust will not be destructive to your house, but termites will be destructive. It can eat most of the wooden stuff of your house just in months and can give you a lot of damage and that damage can cost you thousands of dollars. So always examine if the thing you see in the house is termite dropping then apply DIY solutions to get rid of them or call pest control.

Is Termite Poop Dangerous

People Also Asks:

What Does Termite Poop Look Like?

Termite poop or termite dropping looks like sand. It is also known as frass or pellets. The color of termite poop is depending on the type of furniture or wood they are consuming. Most of the time termite poop color is brownish and blackish. Before any conclusion sees the termite dropping picture so you get an idea how termite poop looks like.

Is Termite Poop Dangerous?

Itself termite poop is not dangerous. It is just the dropping of termites. But if you have seen termites dropping then you have termites in your house which means that the wooden stuff of your house is at risk. Termites can be destructive to the wooden stuff of your house, but they are not dangerous to humans.

What Should I Do If I Find Termite Poop?

If you find termite poop, then it is a sign that you have unwanted guests in your house, and they can be very destructive.  Termites can consume pounds of wood in a day so you must get rid of them. Three things you can do to get rid of termites. First, call termite control or pest control; it is the easiest and professional way. Second, buy termite killer and use it as mentioned on the label. Third, use washing powder or lemon oil mixture in water and spray where you are expecting termites.

Is Termite Poop Black?

Sometimes it can be black. The poop of termites depends on the type of wood that termites are consuming. You can see different photos of termites’ poop that will give you an idea of how it looks.

Can I Spray for Termites Myself?

You can spray termite killers yourself even you can make termite killers with household products. Although you are not a professional, it will work if you keep doing spray for several days until you find no termites in your house. But yes, the professionals have the proper equipment, and they can do the work better than any newbie.

What Attracts Termites in The House?

All the houses where there is no proper ventilation are the perfect house for termites. Without ventilation, there will be moisture in your house which will attract termites. Do not let the rainwater stay anywhere in your house for a long time. If you have termites then use DIY solutions or buy termite killer if that does not work, then call any pest control company.

Can You Live in A House With Termites?

You can live in a house with termites but if you have any wooden stuff, it will be destroyed because of termites. Termites can consume pounds of wood in a day, and they grow their colonies rapidly so if you have seen termites in your house then do something to get rid of them. You can try DIY solutions for termite killers or hire professionals to do the work for you.

Are Termites Hard to Get Rid Of?

It is not hard to get rid of termites. But yes, it depends on what you are doing to get rid of termites. If you are applying DIY solutions or using termite killer spray, then it will take time. But if you hire any professional pest control team, they will help you to get rid of termites in an easy and fast way.

Can You Sleep in A Room with Termites?

Termites are not harmful to humans. There is no news yet that anyone died because of termites. If you have any fear that termites can give you any disease so relax, it is not deadly only destructive to the wooden stuff of your house.

How Do You Know If You Have Termites in Your Walls?

Damaged wood, termite tunnels, and the hollow sound of the wall are the signs that you might have termite in your wall. If you have seen or experience any of these three things, then call any near pest control and let them examine.


If you find termite poop in your house, then you must start the examination or call pest control because even if it is termite dropping or carpenter ant dropping it can damage your house and you would not like to see your house destroyed because of termites. After examination, start the treatment and for that, you can call pest control or apply a DIY solution for termites.

For example, you can spray termite killer on termite colonies and if you do not have termite killer make your own with any washing powder. Hope it will be helpful for you to kill and identify termite poop and termite itself. If you have any other questions write us back and we will try to give you a better solution according to your situation.

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